Friday, October 15, 2010

Through Suffering Comes Strength

Nothing seemed to go right, everything that could go wrong would go wrong. Days and weeks went by, this young man started to struggle with everything. Frustration was setting in, he was asking himself why he had to endure all this pain and suffering. When others were having successes in their lives,smiles on their faces everyday and triumphs, he was enduring the worst it seemed.

In a world of sin, in a world of sadness nothing seems right. However, God knew from the moment he created us that nothing is going to be perfect. He does this for a reason, to make us stronger through the suffering we experience. God is a loving God, even when we think that everything is going downhill, he has a plan. He will execute his plan in a timely manner. We can't understand it, because his works are beyond our undestanding. After all, he is God, nothing is impossible for him.

Some people have it better than others, some don't have these constant troubles. That is what we all think right? You are wrong to think that, even if you don't see it doesn't mean that person is suffering in some way. God doesn't give us anymore than we can handle. He offers us the strength to make it through each day. We may not see it, but he allows us to survive if we will open our eyes to him.

We must follow him and once we begin to do this, we will receive his blessing and the things in our lives can only multiply for good. Everything works together for good. All the bad things that happen to us are meant to make us stronger. As an example, I have experienced so much. I used to think that my life didn't matter. I used to believe that he didn't care about me and he was focusing his time on others.

God does love me, as he loves you and everyone. He doesn't want any of us to fall, each and everytime he sees someone who perishes without the Lord in their life he cries. He is not an angry God like most feel. He is loving and will bend over backwards each and everytime to reach out to us. No matter how bad our sins are, his eyes will never turn from us.

Again, everything works together for good even if you don't see it as that. Sometime, someday he will show you. So don't stop believing. Trust in him and he will show the glory.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gods Hand

There are many things to be thankful for, but most of all God has revealed to me so much in the last week. I wasn't scared about the surgery I was going to undergo. I was a little nervous how things would be after, as in the pain and everything. I was sleeping in no time, what was to come next was a truly amazing thing that God did for me.

I came out of surgery about 2 1/2 hours later after having my Thymus Gland removed, which is behind the breastbone. I was told by both my wife and mom that once the breathing tube was removed (after surgery) I was unable to breathe or having troubles. So they put it back in and I briefly remember waking up before falling asleep again. The breathing tube alone was a painful thing to deal with. I woke up early that morning and it was hard enough to deal with, constant gagging and wanting it out was my biggest concern. Finally around 7 am they took it out after the doctor arrived. For several hours the nurses kept telling me hang on, the doctor will be here soon.

If anything, at that moment in time God was there helping me through the pain and the discomfort of that breathing tube. It wasn't fun, but he gave me the strength to get through it. After it was, things were a lot better, it was nice to be able to speak. Believe me, I never thought I would go through such an ordeal. It is something I never thought about before the surgery, it was a surprize in itself.

The pain in the sternum area was mild to moderate and it did hurt, they finally got me on some meds where I just push the button for Morphine. The next part was dealing with the pain and surviving the effects of the drug. It was definately one that kept me loopy, I was having a terrible time just trying to think. It was difficult trying to send a text message, I really had to think in order to type everything right. Yet again, God was there to help me through it.

It was so hard even getting sleep, if anything I only slept maybe 3 hours per night. The worst thing about it all was dealing with the hospital food. I was in enough pain and wasn't feeling that great, and on top of it I had to eat that crap. I refused a lot of it and only had fruit. After a while I started to eat some yogurt. If anything, this has opened my eyes to eating better. I realize there are consequences for not eating right and I don't want to deal with ending up in the hospital again.

The next hurdle I had to get over was having troubles breathing and the pain I experienced when I tried to breathe. It all had to do with the drainage tubes that were just below my scar in the middle of my chest. Those were running up through my chest and caused enough pain. Day after day I dealed with the pain from that and having to lug around the little container with the tubes running into it. It was no fun, I wanted them out so bad.

Not only was I dealing with that, but I was also told by the dr's that I had some fluid in my lungs. I needed to use the breathing exercises to rid my lungs of that crap. I still am continuing to do that and it's helping. I owe God the credit for helping me recover faster than I would think.

Eventually seven days later, the drainage tubes were out. Amazing how I felt and how I could breathe, even better than before the surgery. I was having enough troubles trying to take a full deep breath. So it was nice to be able to breath normally, I was later discharged later that day. A few days after I have started to regain the strength in my legs. I was thinking it would take a week at least to be able to walk without feeling dizzy, lightheaded. It's actually only taken a few days and again I owe God the Thank You for what he has done in my life.

Having to use the Sleep Apnea machine before didn't really do any results for me, now I am starting to feel more alert and awake. Not only has God fixed that problem, but he has also taken away my double vision which is associated with a disease caused Myastenia Gravis which is due to an enlarged Thymus Gland.

Since that has been removed, I don't see any problems. It's as if my vision has returned to normal. I don't know what other great things are to come, but I know that God has done a lot for me. He has changed me so much in a matter of a week. I keep thinking, how can I return the favor. Well, I'm writing to you to let you know to show Jesus your time and speak to him and open yourself to his glory, his love and his awesomeness.

Jesus has shown me so much, I love him with my whole heart. I give him the glory, he has already done amazing things for me, shown me things I never thought would be possible. He continues to amaze me everyday.

I truly believe the saying is true "God can't give us anymore than we can't handle"

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Faith

Years ago, I didn't know who Jesus was. I just lived my life as everyone else did. I was probably the age of 12. I was more interested in the Angels, i was so excited about them and how big they could grow up to be, according to the bible. I forgot the most important thing in my life. Jesus, I wasn't even thinking of the main reason we are living today.

It was through the blood of Jesus that our sins were wiped away. It was through his pain and his agony that we are forgiven. I didn't even think about Jesus, I was more excited about his Angels. So one day, when I was walking towards my house, I had the most overwhelming sensation that flowed throughout my body.

I knew then as I know now that Jesus is truly the one to be focusing our attention on. I was amazed at what I was thinking then. I wasn't even thinking Angels anymore, I was not even interested in them for one minute. I was truly amazed at how awesome Jesus was. It was if God was slapping me upside the head and saying HEY! From that moment on, I never turned my attention towards anyone or anything except Jesus.

I have went through so many troubles in my life, but each and everytime Jesus has been there for me. He has turned my life around, showed me things that I didn't even see before. He opened my eyes to a world that needed people who care.

He has made me stronger each and everyday. I am not afraid of the things that await me. I know that he is with me each and everyday, there is nothing for me to fear when he is near.

I don't just listen to christian music or talk to him, but I live my life according to him. Each and every minute, hour I think about him. I truly look at every little thing and see his hands in it.

If you say that there are not many like me, well don't even think it. Everyone has it, they just choose to ignore his presence. They don't want to see what God has to offer. They are too blind by the daily activities they are involved in. If they would just take a moment and really appreciate everything and open their eyes to his love, they would be a changed person from this moment on.

Faith comes in all forms yes, but it begins with us when we look his way and listen to what he has to say.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Bible

A very popular movie has just finished. A couple walks out of the theatre, they are so excited about the latest movie in a series of 4. They talk as they walk down the street. An older man starts to walk towards them carrying a Bible, just as he passes them he hears them talking about it.

He can see that they are very excited by what they have seen. The man thinks to himself, if they think that this movie was awesome, they have no idea what awesome is. He starts to pull out his Bible and says Hello to the young couple.

He begins to say that he has heard about what they were talking about, he introduced himself and told him he knows a book that has some of the most amazing stories in it. He goes on to say that they will leave their jaw dropping for more.

The young couple smiles and looks very excited, they ask him what book it is? They are anxious to know more. The man lifts up his Bible and says, this is the book. The Holy Bible. He then says, you see many people go through their life not knowing how powerful this book can truly be.

They think that the latest tv series, movie are what's exciting. He goes onto say that some of these stories, all true are going to leave them breathless. The young couple look at each other puzzled. They kind of doubt it as most people will do, they are so into their daily lives that they forget what is really in the Bible.

The older gentleman tells them that they don't have to read it, but he encourages them to take it home and start to see what it has in store for them. The young man smiles and takes the Bible and says he will start to read it. Actually in this mans mind he is think he'll just put it down and never read it.

A week goes by, a month goes by. The young man was walking through the park and saw this old man again. Before the old gentleman could say anything, the young man said Thank You. He said you were right about the stories. He couldn't believe what he was reading and that it was true. It didn't seem like it really happened. It seemed like a science fiction movie. He was truly changed and looked at life with a whole new meaning. He will never forget the kind gesture this old man did.

The Bible is a very interesting, intriguing book. There is nothing like it out there. Even I have been amazed at what I have read, and I need to read it more. I have only read a few stories here and there. I will say, that some of them have made me go WOW in my mind. How could it be true, but it is and it's the power of God displayed in its greatest form.

So pick up that Bible, read a few chapters, include it into your daily life, you will be a changed person, truly you will.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Spirit Within

We are tempted by what we see, it is overwhelming sometimes. We try to go about our lives and survive through temptation, however many of us fall. I myself have many times, only to get back up and try again to be a good honest person. I find myself overwhelmed by temptation every day. I do not give up, that's because my spirit within is very strong. I love Jesus with all my heart.

I know that I will be having surgery very soon, it's not something that I was expecting a few months ago. Now I am ready to go through the pain and the recovery. I know that God is leading me to a better place. I am not scared about this surgery. I know it's going to leave a scar and the pain will be tough to get through.

I know that Jesus will be with me. His spirit will lift me up and show me that every day will get easier. We can go through life thinking that nothing is possible, but just remember that everything through God is possible. As the saying going, we can do nothing apart from him. That is so true, when we try to go about our lives, we fall and fail miserably. Jesus is waiting there my friend, you have to take a moment to stop, listen to his message in whatever form it is.

It could be a song, it could be something that someone said to you that made you smile, he is everywhere in our lives. I know that so many of you just pass it by, but if you just believe and accept him into your lives, you will see the greatness he can do.

All I can say is don't give up. The door is there, don't walk past it, walk into it and accept him into your life.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Enduring The Pain

One day after work, a young man noticed something that he was not expecting. His lymphnodes were all swollen. He was in a little bit of pain in his upper chest. He thought maybe he pulled a muscle, he knew it wasn't a heart attack. The pain radiated all the way through to his back. What he noticed next started to alarm him. He started to notice significant swelling under his arm where the lymphnodes reside.

He saw the dr, they ordered a cat scan on him to make sure that everything was ok. The ct scan revealed two large masses, one under his arm and the other under his left chest. The doctors feared the worse, they were talking Lymphoma. As weeks passed, after a minor surgery to his lymphnodes he started to heal. As one problem started to go away, another started to rise. For sometime he has been always wanting to sleep, so tired and even starting to feel weak.

He was missing a lot of work, He was in so much pain the first few weeks it was really hard to even lift his arm. His worries started to increase as he could only think about one thing, cancer. He just lost a relative because of it, she had been battling cancer for a long time. It was sad to see her go, sometimes he asked himself why does God do this to us, why does he allow us to go through these kinds of situations. Of course no one will really know, maybe it's make us stronger, maybe it's to send a message to others, we can only guess.

Months passed, still missing work because of his constant taking naps, feeling so weak. What was wrong with him he asked himself often. Just a few months ago he was doing just fine, he was working with produce and lifting crates that were 50-75 lbs and it didn't bother him a bit. It's shocking how quickly something can come on.

His trips to the doctors was almost weekly, test after test and still no answer to what was causing all his problems. He asked God to allow them to do a biopsy, it's something he's been pushing the doctors to do since day one. He has worried about the worst, having cancer or something just as bad. What was it? He couldn't figure it out.

He had more tests done, another ct scan that still showed a mass under his chest. It was his Thymus gland which he has known about since day one. It had not changed, if anything it might have grown a little bit. He could only worry about heart disease as his family has a history of it. After a stress test and an ultrasound on his heart, everything seemed to be ok with his heart. He was thankful to the Lord for him being ok. However, it turned his attention to his Thymus once again. He visited his doctor as a follow up.

Finally, the dr decided to talk to a few cancer doctors who know the most about the Thymus. He would try and get a biopsy scheduled. After a few days, he called back. The doctor called him back and informed him that the general consensus is to have it removed, that is surgery. He should be scared after hearing that, but he knows all of his pain, all of his troubles will be in the past.

He is about to go through a serious surgery, something which he has not had before. He knows that the Lord will be with him every step of the way. It might be a long recovery, but he knows that anything the Lord gets us to, he will get us through it.

This story is not fiction, it is real and it is happening to me as I speak. In a few days the general surgeon who I will speak to will most likely tell me what is to be expected and more.

I have had a rought couple of months, I had to quit my job at Wal-Mart, nearly 9 years of working there. I couldn't go back, I was not feeling that great. Finding out I had Sleep Apnea as well helped, but it was after the fact. My personal leave was not approved and I had to make a big decision that I was not proud of. It was either go back or be terminated. I chose to quit.

I have endured the pain, I have survived everyday that has led up until now. I know that the future is going to be bright. I know that whatever I have to go through will strengthen me and make me a stronger and better person. God has done so much for me, even if I have to endure so much, I know he will make all things new.

God is truly amazing and I can't say that enough. He has strengthed my faith even more. I know that I am not through the worst yet, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Something I never thought would come true. God has a plan and he will execute it with good as the final result always.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Through The Storm

A severe weather alert was issued for a small town, a few kids were excited to go and check out a dangerous approaching storm. They had no fear, they wanted to see a tornado, maybe see some awesome lightning. They didn't realize what they were about to get themselves into. They started to embark on a journey that they would soon regret.

Soon after the rains started to fall, they noticed something in the sky that was terrifying them. The clouds started to swirl, growing wider and moving at an alarming rate,it descended towards the kids in a matter of minutes. They were starting to get very afraid, soon their cocky attitudes were starting to crumble before their very eyes. If they were trying to test God, they were getting more than they bargained for.

A very large tornado, probably on the scale of a F3-F4 was just a few miles from them. Being out in the open with hardly any trees and lots of prarie didn't help them. They were in serious trouble and their lives were at stake. One of them happened to be a christian and he urged them to get down on their knees and pray. They thought it was rather silly, they laughed at the other boy. Soon their eyes would be turned to a nearby tree that was snapped in half heading right toward an electrical pole snapping it in two.

They saw the power and the destructive forces that were at work and they started to believe that maybe they should pray. They all got down on their knees praying and looking up. They pleaded before the almighty God, they knew that their consequences could cost them their lives, but they beleived that God would come through for them, not doubting for a moment they would die. They had no choice but to believe in a time like this.

Light emerged from the clouds in all directions shining down on the land. The clouds seperated, moved apart and the sunlight was everywhere. There was a rainbow that started to appear as a reminder that God would always keep his covenant with man. He also reminded them that becuase of their faith in him, he will spare their lives. His only request that they felt was to go and spread the good news of the Lord.

From that day, they went out telling of their story to people who were down and out and made believers of them all.

God is an Awesome God, and sometimes in our lives we start to go in the wrong direction, but he's always there calling us home. Don't ever think he won't accept your sins. He will today, tomorrow and forever.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

False Prophets

I have seen a lot of interesting, but false statements on the coming world wars, 2010 earthquake and whatever else these people have to claim. I warn you now, becareful of the so called false prophets. Jesus talked about these people would be in great numbers in the last days.

People will easily fall and worship these people thinking they are speaking the word of the lord. I feel that they are under the power of the devil, if we are to listen to them, we will ultimately cause our own demise. These people will speak with very convincing words, appear to be messangers of God, but in truth they represent everything that has to do with a false prophet.

There are so many different messages out there, first there is the bible code. Then there is the blood line of Jesus. There is even those who do great things on tv and appear they are touching others and healing them. Even those who say they can sense someone out there who has this or that, and that they will be healed is in my opinion a false prophet.

Soon the anti-christ and the false prophet will appear as it was spoken about in the bible. I feel that the devil is looking for the false prophet and he is using many. Just be very careful, there will be many who will try to decieve you. The only true sign will be when Jesus comes back in the clouds. Then and only then you will know it is the Lord.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Nation Under God

I have been watching and reading so much about what has been happening in the gulf area. I have heard reports of wildlife being destroyed and an area changed forever. It sickens me, I know it upsets you and it's something that neither you or I would have forseen.

What I do know, is that we can't continue to put blame on each other. We need to stand together and pray for those who are under such stress. The people that have lost their jobs, their way of life, and those who are suffering from illnesses now due to chemicals in the air and in the sea from oil and much more.

I have a bad feeling about this all, I know that it's going to get much worse before it gets better. I feel that some of you will agree with me on this, we need to pray and seriously pray to God. Our country, our way of life and everything we do is moving away from God. You can deny it or you can choose to accept it. I'm not saying God is the result of this, but if we want to get through these troubled times, we need God in our lives.

Of course, I am ready for all the people who are going to laugh at me and accuse me of being an idiot. Well, I'm speaking for Jesus and I'm not afraid to say what I have to say. The world has been ignoring Christ for too long, maybe this is his way of opening our eyes. It's never too late to start believing.

I do believe that this whole oil tragedy is going to get worse and I mean WORSE. Cities are going to be affected. Acid Rain will cover many areas, people's lives are going to be affected in ways they have never known. Things are not going to be the same for millions and it's the truth whether you want to believe it or not.

What we see as a gulf issue is soon going to escalate to a bigger and broader area than we ever imagined. If you really think about it, it will. The hurricanes will bring it into almost every city along the gulf. The weather that moves throughout the us will carry these toxins to areas that you and I never thought possible. The ripple effect is going to be deadly.

So as I say again, we need to pray and we need to pray NOW! You can laugh at me, call me crazy. However, when you see what is going to happen, you will be the one who won't be laughing.

We as a nation have fallen away from God, it's about time that we come together as a nation.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Unending Love

Many who suffer, who go through troubles in their lives feel that God has a limit on them and won't accept any more of their sins, that he won't listen to their concerns. God is an awesome God, he has bent over backwards to reveal to me so many wonderful things. He has been there for me each and every time I fall. He knows everything about me and is proud of me as he is proud of everyone who he has created.

He loves us like a mother loves her children, after all he is our creator. He spent the many hours and days creating each one of us. He made us all different in many ways, special and unique.

So often people try to say that God isn't going to forgive me of my sin because I committed adultry, or that I killed someone. God will forgive anyone for no matter how bad your sin is, it's accepting what you have done and asking him to come into your life is what begins the healing process.

Jesus died for our sins on the cross to wipe away our tears, to take away our sins because he loves us unconditionally. His love is unending and he will never forsake us.

Recently in my life I have been feeling so tired and week, always wanting to sleep. God moved my sleep study to last night. He cared so much for me to show me that he wants me to know what's wrong. It was good, because it was borderline severe. He was with me, and to know that comforted me.

I know that I can do nothing apart from God, I will listen to his words and do according to his will, not mine. I feel blessed to have such an awesome god and AWESOME he is. :)

If God can get you to it, he will get you through it

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Rushing Winds

High above in the tress, the winds passed through. It sounded like streams of water flowing down a creek. It was an amazing sound and in the middle of it all was an eagle flying about. His wings spread wide open, flying throughout the air without a care, enjoying the gentle flowing breeze that surrounded him. His surroundings were so amazing. Miles and miles of pine trees, the fresh scent in the air, so refreshing.

Soon his whole world was about to be turned up side down, nearby a hunter looking for something easy to kill spotted the Eagle. He peered through the scope with deadly accuracy, he stood very still waiting for the kill. The shots fired and before his eyes this gentle little precious creature given to us by God started to fall.

This man didn't know God, he didn't understand what faith was all about. He just cared about himself and didn't care if he hurt anyone. The Eagle was barely alive, trying to make sense of it all, clutching to life as it tried to breath for air looking at the man with fear in its eyes. The terror was like a baby being left without its parents.

As the man looked on, he started to feel sorrow even though a few minutes ago he was just fine killing this poor creature. Something had come over him at the last minute, he was feeling regret and wished he could take it all back.

He started to see the poor Eagle drifting off, he didn't know what to do. He just wanted to make it right and wished that what he had just done could be reversed.

He dropped to his knees, the tears flowing down his face, his hands pressed against the ground only a few feet away from the Eagle. He looked towards the eagle with his teary eyes and pleaded as he looked up begging for this poor creature to have a second chance.

Suddenly, he woke up. It was all a bad dream, but comforting to his sight when he woke up, was an Eagle flying up above in the trees in the rushing winds. It was a great sight to see and a reminder to him to appreciate all of God's creatures. From now on even though it was a dream, he will look at each and everyone of them in a different way.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Calling... No Answer

What started out as something fun for a young man seemed to turn into an obsession. It was keeping him from his faith and from his wife and daughter. He was turning out to be someone who he wasn't. His ways started to get worse, he didn't seem to care about anyone or anything. He even neglected the chores around the house for this obsession. A game, a virtual world that consumed every minute of every day.

He often seemed to hear on the radio, on the tv and even through the signs of others God trying to call him back. He didn't even care, he brushed it aside as if it was nothing. He didn't even write anything, he was writing for all the wrong reasons and starting to loose himself. Where was this caring, loving individual who as a younger child cared enough to tell someone about a man that was passed out.

Where was this man who was so excited when his daughter was born after years and years of sorrow and disappointment. What happened to him? Why was he being so selfish and not listening to Jesus. Was he really willing to just throw his entire life away without a care.

He lost a good friend who believed in God, they talked often about stories in the Bible. He even dedicated a story to his friend. It was how much he cared about people. He just lost a relative who had a great heart.

He was playing with fire, did he think he wouldn't get burned? His ways and the course he was taking was bent on destruction. He kept hearing the voice of God though many different things, but why wasn't he answering the call. He was acting foolish and stupid. Was he really wanting to goto hell?

One day, he started to think really hard, in the previous days to weeks he started to feel a great weight bearing down on him. He was going through enough troubles in his life with his health, his job and whatever else it was. He wanted to be free, he wanted to be healthy and to return to work.

His daughter was about to turn three and he wanted to be the Daddy that she deserved. It meant so much to him to just let go of everything and be there for her and his wife. He knew that God was really reaching out to him, he wasn't going to just sit around and wait. He had to do something, he stopped playing the game that took up most of his life. He made a promise to God that he would be himself again, spend time with his family and do Gods will.

A card that he received on his birthday party only a few weeks ago really hit home for him, it reminded him of who he was and he wanted to be honest with the Lord and no longer hold it from him. This is what the card said from his parents. It's something that really opened his eyes, but also reminded him of who he truly was. A caring individual who loves everyone and wants no one to suffer.

"When A Man Has A Good Heart
And Lets It Guide Him
When He Seeks What Is True
And Strives To Live By It
When He Understands His Own Gifts
And Does His Best To Share Them
That Man Does Himself
And All Those Who Love Him Proud"

A Reminder that God is calling him to continue writing so those who are down will see there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep Smiling Friends
Jesus is there and he does care!!!
He reached out for me, he will reach out for you! Remember that!

Friday, February 19, 2010

He's knocking, but we're not listening!

Today, was a very interesting day. It started out as a friend gave me a million dollar bill, the kind that has a spiritual message on the back. It was very interesting to read and some of the message applied to me.

Here I was once again going down the wrong road, was I truly following God. I wasn't, I was beginning to go astray. I was beginning to do things in my life which were not appropriate and it started to get in the way of my marriage and made me upset.

As I looked at the message, I realized that I was lying, I was sinning and I was doing the things that could get me into serious trouble if Jesus was to return.

I really started to think and realised that I needed to take a stronger step forward and leave the sins in the past. It's not always easy to walk the narrow road, it's too easy in fact to walk the wide path to destruction.

I had been doing a lot of thinking before and during my drive home for lunch. As I was near home, a song on the radio started to play and it was one that really touched me. It made me think about my writings and how I have let every other thing in my life come first.

So as I listened to this song, it made sense. God has truly given me a gift, to show others how much Jesus means to me in my life and to reach out and help those who are in need. I can choose to ignore it and move on with my life, but each minute someone else falls when I could of reached out to them.

As soon as I got inside and started to make lunch I was listening to the song on the radio as it almost finished. I thought I had closed the browser window, but somehow I closed the wrong one. What I realized is another song , one that I have as a ring tone came on and it's one of my favorites. I was shocked, it was two great songs in a row both applying to my situation.

I posted both of these songs on my facebook and let others know how awesome I felt. God was trying to reach out to me, he was trying to say "Hey Mcfly!, what are you doing?" What good was I to have a gift if I wasn't even using it.

I went back to work thinking how great this message was to me and that I should continue if I want to improve and be better at it.

Immediately after work, I was listening to a radio show after picking up my daughter. The first radio show had a lot to do with my situation again. I was really amazed at what I was hearing. I couldn't believe what I heard, it made me feel really good. God was really trying to get through to me. The next radio show came on and touched on some of my sins that I have been doing.

Again, I was amazed and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was an experience that I will never forget.

God loves us so unconditionally that he will do everything to get our attention. I put all of the pieces together and realized that he was trying to tell me to stop what I was doing. He wanted me to be good and let go of my sins. I know it is hard because we get so involved and think that we can't let go.

If we give God a chance, he will make it possible to let go of the things we hold onto. He is a loving God and he knows our pain more than we can only imagine. So don't give up on God. It may seem like the whole world is about to crash down on you, but with his strength you can hold the world up and have a happy life.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Awakening

A leaf was falling near a bench, it was fall and a man was sitting at the bench looking through a magazing. Nearby two children were playing in the park, they were happy and unaware what was about to happen. Two adults were talking to each other as they were strolling through the park. They had their hands on each stroller and their babies were fast asleep.

A few miles away, a young man was listening to the radio as he was driving to work,the song on the radio would be the last song he heard. What was coming would be a shock to him and to everyone.

Many people were rushing about trying to pick up their last minute gifts at a shopping mall for a birthday party. They too were unaware of what was coming. They were living their last moments as anyone would.

An elderly man was looking out a window, he watched the birds sing songs of praise to the one who was near. He sensed that the birds knew something was coming, something that has been talked about for the last thousand years.

Everything changed in an instant as thousands upon thousands of angels appeared in the sky, near to them was the Lord. Everyone and everything stopped, even time it seemed paused for a brief moment. It was unlike anything mankind had experienced before. It was truly amazing and awesome at the same time.

The lord has finally returned, no one could hide from him. Everyone that was alive saw him, even those who did the works of the devil could not escape him. Every man, woman and child saw him and those who did evil ran and hid fearing him.

Something like this will happen, the Lord will come like a thief in the night and we will all be unaware of what's going on until it happens. He will come in the sky with an army of angels. It is said that the dead will be risen first to meet him in the clouds. Then we will join them and those who do not believe will be left behind.

They will be left behind to experience the seven year tribulation which in itself will be worse than any earthquake, war that we experience now. Revelations tells us all about the tragedy that will occur and it's not pretty.

The sad part is that many will not believe when he returns, their fate will already be decided. So pray for those who do not see Jesus, may they come to him, because the hourglass of time is running out.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I can't even begin to describe how awesome our God truly is. From the little things that walk this earth to the great expanse in space he has shown us how great he truly is. He is our father and a creator who always continues to amaze us in the most remarkable ways.

He will always be showing us new things, that is what's so cool about him. When you really sit down and take a look into detail of what he has created it will blow your mind. I can't even imagine how he can keep track of every millions or billions of stars, every sea creature on this earth.

He knows about every little detail down to the very atom. He knows every hair on our heads and knows exactly where we are going to go at every minute of every day.

He knows every one of our names, our destiny and our futures from beginning to end. He is beyond awesome. With all that he has created and so much that he knows he bends over backwords to reach out to us who are so small compared to this amazing universe that we are a part of.

He doesn't care about the stars or the planets that he has created, he did that for us. He cares about each and everyone of us. Even though we are small, he loves us unconditionally.

That is who our God is, a loving and caring God who knows our hearts and minds better than we do. That's why he strives so hard to reach out to every one of us.

Don't give up on God, he won't give up on you.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

300 Vs. 30,000

I saw before me a land so vast and great. I saw an army of 30,000 that was stretched out for miles and miles. The clouds above were dark and grey. The people were all getting ready for sleep. They had been having a long day and were all tired, they were not very nice. God was not happy with them for their ways, but he had a plan that would soon unfold.

Nearby, was an army of 300, they were not sure how they would go up against this army and win. God had a plan, it was a great plan and what was about to happen would be told over and over. A true testimony to Gods awesome powers!

After this great army fell asleep, the 300 had a great plan which God had told them to do. They took their trumpets and blew into them for everyone to hear. It woke up the 30,000 and startled them. Then after the trumpets were blown, they took their swords and smashed the pottery causing a loud sound.

The huge army was going crazy, they were just waking up and thought that they were being attacked. The best part is that they didn't know who was this invading army and who was their own. Swords clashed, blood spilled and they fought against each other and killed each and everyone down to the very last one.

The whole while, the 300 watched on from up on the hill as this great army destroyed itself. Their faith in God and trusting in him truly paid off. It is so crazy how a few simple little noises could stir up an entire army and cause them to fight against each other.

God works in mysterious ways and he still contines to. This story is real and yes it did happen ages ago. It is from the book of Judges, this is just one story of many that is in the bible. It just makes you want to keep reading and learning more about God and his truly awesome ways.

Friday, January 15, 2010


The alarm clock went off as usual, a young man woke up and started to go about his day. He was in a hurry as he was again late for work, nothing seemed to be going his way. He struggled to see the future and what it had to offer. He was only looking at things minute by minute.

He struggled to see what was in front of him. He grabbed his coat off of the chair and hurried out the door. He got into his car and drove down the road. While he was listening to the radio, he heard something about the Lord. He wasn't very interested as he turned the station. He started to get closer to work and another commercial on the radio came on and started to talk about life and the choices we make.

Again, he started to ignore God's message to him. This was the Lord trying to make some sense in this mans life, but he was too busy to accept it. After the man walked into work, he feared the worst. He knew that his boss was going to be upset again because this would of been the fourth time in a row that he wasn't on time.

He was stressed to the max, another co-worker started to talk with him and told him some encouraging words. His friend said "Maybe you need to find the Lord, maybe your life would be better with him."

The young man started to think, all the while he was missing the signs. He was letting everything and anything get in his way. He was missing the point that the Lord was trying to convey to him. He just didn't know what to do or how to talk to the Lord. He was all new at this and really didn't have a background as being religious.

His friend told him there's nothing you have to do, you don't need to have experience. You just have to lay down your life to the Lord and open your heart to him. His friend said, "You just have to accept him into your life and trust in him."

The young man started to search for the Lord, everywhere he went he couldn't find the Lord. He was not looking in the right places. He tried going into a church, but didn't find the Lord. He went to the park, but he didn't find the Lord.

He went into the hills and took a walk, but he still didn't find the Lord. He was starting to get upset because he couldn't find the Lord. He started to get down and upset with himself.

The next day he went to talk to his friend, he asked him "I have looked everywhere, I have searched high and low, but I haven't found the Lord." The young mans friend said, "silly, you don't have to go searching for him, he's inside here as he pointed to his heart, this is where he always is. No matter where you go, he will be there."

The young man started to understand and it made sense to him, he was looking for the Lord in all the wrong places even though the Lord is always in all these places, he is in our hearts from the moment we are born to the minute we die.

No matter where we go, no matter what we do, he is a part of us. He will always be in our hearts and if we choose to accept him then he will bless us. Do not afraid to call on him, he will turn your life around.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Dream

I recently had a wonderful dream, it was unlike any other that would continue to stick out in my mind. I recently lost a good friend at work, his name is Richard and he worked with us all in the mornings at Wal-Mart.

I was walking back into the backroom, as I walked into the prep room with the sinks and our desk I saw all of the associates who worked in Produce. Only there was someone there who I was not expecting. I saw my good friend Richard who had passed away a few months ago. It was such a shock for me, I couldn't believe it. I soon realized that only I and another good friend at work could see him.

He was standing next to the hand washing sink wearing the usual uniform, tan pants and a navy blue polo. He was wearing the green apron as we all do, and he looked like he used to when we all worked together.

He told me that he had recently been talking to those on his buddy list on facebook. He seemed like the Richard I once knew, the one who I always had fun playing games with and chatting on facebook with. I tried to explain to the others that he was there, but they didn't believe me.

So I had an idea, I realized that if I gave Richard a pen and a notepad of paper that he could hold it up and proove to everyone he was really there. So he started to hold that pen and paper up, soon everyone was shocked. They all wanted to know how he was doing.

He started to tell me what he wanted to say, I wrote down the things that he said so that everyone else could hear what he had to say. Those who didn't belive now were believers and felt so good to hear from an old friend once again.

I even received a message during the dream, not sure where it was in the dream, but it was almost like "Sometimes the people we are really close to or the ones we love, we will see them."

I know this is not really an inspirational story, but in a way it is. See, the people we lose in our lives will never be gone from us. They will always be in our hearts. They are just distant and sometimes it just takes a wake up call to realize they are really still there letting us know.

For me, it was a good reunion with a good friend even if it was just a dream. He was trying to tell me not to forget about him, he's still here only in a different place for now. He's still doing the things he loves, only he is in a temporary place for now until Jesus comes back to raise the dead and lift us up into the clouds.

So if you have lost a loved one, know that they are still here, only in a different place and they are still with you.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Lost

A stranger lurks near the edge of a block, he looks on at a small and helpless child who is looking for his parents. He is unaware of the things that are about to happen. He knows nothing and donesn't suspect what is going to happen to him. Someone or something inside an older man is just wanting to take this child. Why? We don't know, but this man has a need to take this young boy.

The man runs quickly through the busy crowd, bumping into people and knocking some down as he grabs ahold of the childs arm, pulls him towards himself and acts like he is his own child. The others around him don't suspect a thing. They just keep doing what they're doing and don't worry about what's going on.

The man starts to run towards his car, shoves the boy in and shuts the doors. He locks it with his remote control and gets in quickly. The boy cries out with terror and tears in his eyes. He doesn't know what is going on, he doesn't want to feel alone and he wants his parents so badly. He can't stop crying, he is so in fear.

He trembles, he reaches out scratching at the window and looking at the people as the man drives away like any other. He knows that he probably will never see his family again, such a blow to a young child. He is struck with such fear inside that is now a permanent thing inside him.

This little boy is not alone, so many young kids are taken without notice. They are captured and kept slaves, killed or left on the streets miles and miles away only to fear the worst.

How can our world let this happen, but really how can people do this? What drives them to do these kinds of things is beyond me. It makes me furious inside my heart and I want to know the answers to why these people do such things, but I know as you know that I will never know that answer to that.

What drives them and what makes them tick is beyond me, only the Lord knows why. To all the families out there, I pray that you will find your children one day. I ask the Lord to work miracles in your lives and show you the love you deserve.

I can't imagine the heartache, and believe me I don't want to, but today I look into your life and see how sad you are. I will continue to pray for those who are lost, may they find their ways home.

I love the little children just as Jesus did and I don't want them to be hurt. :)

Who Am I?

So many of you have known me as a gentle and loving person, but the things which have troubled me for years have made me a better person. I thank God today and everyday for the things which he has provided me. I am a very spiritual person and I have had my fair share of ups and downs, who hasn't?

I see the glory of God in it's most amazing way unfolded into my life. I have gained a new respect for the things around me and the people who I meet everyday. No longer will I hold onto the sins that bind me, I feel as if a great burden has been lifted in the last few months. It was through Christ who strengthened me and it is him who I give the credit to. Like I always say, let his will be done in my life, not mine.

I could not write alone and the inspiration I get for my stories come from him, I ask him everyday to show me what I should write about. I want him to speak through me and reach out to those who are in need.

I am a sinner just like the rest of you and I have sinned in ways that most of you would consider me worthless. I have overcame my sin just as Jesus overcame the world. It is not an impossible feat, but it can be done with the Lord in your life and your trust in him.

I must admit that I still have my ups and downs, I deal with Depression, Diabetes, Thyroid problems so everything and anything can go wrong. I'm now just starting to get ahold of these things and make my life better. Just like the Temptation story I wrote recently, I will no longer give into these things that bind me.

Jesus has given me the strength to reach out to people and write some awesome things, and I know he wants to help with my current situation. So don't give up on Jesus, even if you don't know him. There is still time, open that Bible and begin to read, you will be amazed as I have been.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Temptation, how cunning and swift you are. You are at every corner waiting for us to fall into your traps. You search for our weakness only to exploit them even more. You tempt us with everything from sweets to adultry. You search out and take those who are vulnerable. You need to hurt those to satisfy yourself, why oh why do you temp us?

For those who struggle with Diabetes you seek them out and tease them with sugars of all kinds. You make it sound so sweet, but in the end the consequences could be deadly. Many die each year because you gain control of them and make them loose the self control or self will. No longer will I let you continue to be a part in my life. Temptation, you will perish this very night. Goodbye Temptation for the Lord has died on the very cross to forgive all of our sins and he too will keep us from our temptations.

To those who struggle with lust and pornography you seek them out and you act as if it's the best thing in the world. You confuse them and ruin family after family because of it. You also make them feel worthless and cause so many to become adulters,rapists,child molesters and whatever else you can do. You will no longer be of any temptation to those tonight. Your effects on them will cease to exist as I know the Lord will wash away all of their sins. He will provide the strength to stand up and be strong. They will not listen to your lies or your deceitful ways. No longer will you disturb their lives or ruin their familes. Tonight Temptation, you will cease to exist in their minds.

To those who are Angry and can't control their actions, you cause them to hate themselves and the world. You control their every being and unleash everything from assualt to suicide. So many fall because of your foolishness and no longer will you be a part of their lives. The lord will comfort those who are in need and he will hold them tight. They will no longer feel the anger or thoughts of death. They will come to you Jesus and together you will beat that ugly Temptation.

Temptation is the devils ultimate weapon, it's what begins the lies,selfishness and hatred that leads us to sin. Jesus overcame the world and tonight he will overcome your temptation. You will be wiped clean of all our sins if you will walk in the ways of the Lord.

Remember, the devil can try but it's upto you to accept. Turn and run and read God's word. Then and only then you will be free of all your sins.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


There is so much deception in our lives, it's so hard to think when we have the negative influences around us. The devil builds a wall all around us and prevents us from hearing from the Lord, many times we ignore him and continue to walk in our own ways. We must build up a tolerance against his deception. He tries to tell us that everything is ok, he assures us that what we are doing is nothing bad.

Often times we find ourselves overwhelmed and stressed to the max. It is his deception that keeps us chained down. We need to pray every moment of everyday and ask the Lord to protect us from such things. The Lord wants to work in our lives, but we need to let him. If we are stubborn and selfish how can he reach into our hearts and do miracles. We can choose to ignore the Lord, but by doing so we find ourselves in more trouble than we can imagine.

The Devil is going to be there trying to confuse every one of us, don't let him. Build up your strength in the Lord. Do not let him consume us with Lust, or Envy. Do not let him control our every being with Greed,Jelousy, or Hatred. Trust in the Lord and let him show you what things are possible. Most people don't realize that the Lord can bring many great things, but if they are not with the Lord they will not see the blessings he can provide.

It is your choice to let the Lord into your life, if you choose not to then you welcome every misfortune and believe me, it won't be pretty. Turn to the Lord and see how much good he can do. He has done it for me, he will do it for you.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year, A New Beginning

Many of us make new years resolutions, but we often find ourselves forgetting about what is very important to each and every one of us. We think about trying to cut this and that out of our diet. We decide we'll try and watch less tv, but what we forget is more important than any of that.

How many of us read the bible everyday, how many of us take the time to pray to the Lord and ask for his forgiveness. The Lord is watching and waiting for our attention and he wants us to make our new years resolution himself. He wants us to spend some more time talking and learning about him.

I talk to God everyday, it may not always be outloud but I speak to him in silence and let him know how thankful I am. I also let him know that I want to grow closer to him and learn more about him. I too, find myself playing games, watching tv and not spending enough time with the Lord. In this society we have grown apart from the Lord, let's not forget who created us and provided a home for all of us.

God had his hand in everything and we should thank him for all that he has done. So don't think about your new years resolution. Think about Jesus and let his will be done in our lives. Then, will we find ourselves succeeding in what we wanted to accomplish. Remember, we can do nothing apart from the Lord.

From this moment on, I will give more attention to the Lord and let his will work in my life.