Friday, October 15, 2010

Through Suffering Comes Strength

Nothing seemed to go right, everything that could go wrong would go wrong. Days and weeks went by, this young man started to struggle with everything. Frustration was setting in, he was asking himself why he had to endure all this pain and suffering. When others were having successes in their lives,smiles on their faces everyday and triumphs, he was enduring the worst it seemed.

In a world of sin, in a world of sadness nothing seems right. However, God knew from the moment he created us that nothing is going to be perfect. He does this for a reason, to make us stronger through the suffering we experience. God is a loving God, even when we think that everything is going downhill, he has a plan. He will execute his plan in a timely manner. We can't understand it, because his works are beyond our undestanding. After all, he is God, nothing is impossible for him.

Some people have it better than others, some don't have these constant troubles. That is what we all think right? You are wrong to think that, even if you don't see it doesn't mean that person is suffering in some way. God doesn't give us anymore than we can handle. He offers us the strength to make it through each day. We may not see it, but he allows us to survive if we will open our eyes to him.

We must follow him and once we begin to do this, we will receive his blessing and the things in our lives can only multiply for good. Everything works together for good. All the bad things that happen to us are meant to make us stronger. As an example, I have experienced so much. I used to think that my life didn't matter. I used to believe that he didn't care about me and he was focusing his time on others.

God does love me, as he loves you and everyone. He doesn't want any of us to fall, each and everytime he sees someone who perishes without the Lord in their life he cries. He is not an angry God like most feel. He is loving and will bend over backwards each and everytime to reach out to us. No matter how bad our sins are, his eyes will never turn from us.

Again, everything works together for good even if you don't see it as that. Sometime, someday he will show you. So don't stop believing. Trust in him and he will show the glory.