Thursday, June 24, 2010

Unending Love

Many who suffer, who go through troubles in their lives feel that God has a limit on them and won't accept any more of their sins, that he won't listen to their concerns. God is an awesome God, he has bent over backwards to reveal to me so many wonderful things. He has been there for me each and every time I fall. He knows everything about me and is proud of me as he is proud of everyone who he has created.

He loves us like a mother loves her children, after all he is our creator. He spent the many hours and days creating each one of us. He made us all different in many ways, special and unique.

So often people try to say that God isn't going to forgive me of my sin because I committed adultry, or that I killed someone. God will forgive anyone for no matter how bad your sin is, it's accepting what you have done and asking him to come into your life is what begins the healing process.

Jesus died for our sins on the cross to wipe away our tears, to take away our sins because he loves us unconditionally. His love is unending and he will never forsake us.

Recently in my life I have been feeling so tired and week, always wanting to sleep. God moved my sleep study to last night. He cared so much for me to show me that he wants me to know what's wrong. It was good, because it was borderline severe. He was with me, and to know that comforted me.

I know that I can do nothing apart from God, I will listen to his words and do according to his will, not mine. I feel blessed to have such an awesome god and AWESOME he is. :)

If God can get you to it, he will get you through it

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Rushing Winds

High above in the tress, the winds passed through. It sounded like streams of water flowing down a creek. It was an amazing sound and in the middle of it all was an eagle flying about. His wings spread wide open, flying throughout the air without a care, enjoying the gentle flowing breeze that surrounded him. His surroundings were so amazing. Miles and miles of pine trees, the fresh scent in the air, so refreshing.

Soon his whole world was about to be turned up side down, nearby a hunter looking for something easy to kill spotted the Eagle. He peered through the scope with deadly accuracy, he stood very still waiting for the kill. The shots fired and before his eyes this gentle little precious creature given to us by God started to fall.

This man didn't know God, he didn't understand what faith was all about. He just cared about himself and didn't care if he hurt anyone. The Eagle was barely alive, trying to make sense of it all, clutching to life as it tried to breath for air looking at the man with fear in its eyes. The terror was like a baby being left without its parents.

As the man looked on, he started to feel sorrow even though a few minutes ago he was just fine killing this poor creature. Something had come over him at the last minute, he was feeling regret and wished he could take it all back.

He started to see the poor Eagle drifting off, he didn't know what to do. He just wanted to make it right and wished that what he had just done could be reversed.

He dropped to his knees, the tears flowing down his face, his hands pressed against the ground only a few feet away from the Eagle. He looked towards the eagle with his teary eyes and pleaded as he looked up begging for this poor creature to have a second chance.

Suddenly, he woke up. It was all a bad dream, but comforting to his sight when he woke up, was an Eagle flying up above in the trees in the rushing winds. It was a great sight to see and a reminder to him to appreciate all of God's creatures. From now on even though it was a dream, he will look at each and everyone of them in a different way.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Calling... No Answer

What started out as something fun for a young man seemed to turn into an obsession. It was keeping him from his faith and from his wife and daughter. He was turning out to be someone who he wasn't. His ways started to get worse, he didn't seem to care about anyone or anything. He even neglected the chores around the house for this obsession. A game, a virtual world that consumed every minute of every day.

He often seemed to hear on the radio, on the tv and even through the signs of others God trying to call him back. He didn't even care, he brushed it aside as if it was nothing. He didn't even write anything, he was writing for all the wrong reasons and starting to loose himself. Where was this caring, loving individual who as a younger child cared enough to tell someone about a man that was passed out.

Where was this man who was so excited when his daughter was born after years and years of sorrow and disappointment. What happened to him? Why was he being so selfish and not listening to Jesus. Was he really willing to just throw his entire life away without a care.

He lost a good friend who believed in God, they talked often about stories in the Bible. He even dedicated a story to his friend. It was how much he cared about people. He just lost a relative who had a great heart.

He was playing with fire, did he think he wouldn't get burned? His ways and the course he was taking was bent on destruction. He kept hearing the voice of God though many different things, but why wasn't he answering the call. He was acting foolish and stupid. Was he really wanting to goto hell?

One day, he started to think really hard, in the previous days to weeks he started to feel a great weight bearing down on him. He was going through enough troubles in his life with his health, his job and whatever else it was. He wanted to be free, he wanted to be healthy and to return to work.

His daughter was about to turn three and he wanted to be the Daddy that she deserved. It meant so much to him to just let go of everything and be there for her and his wife. He knew that God was really reaching out to him, he wasn't going to just sit around and wait. He had to do something, he stopped playing the game that took up most of his life. He made a promise to God that he would be himself again, spend time with his family and do Gods will.

A card that he received on his birthday party only a few weeks ago really hit home for him, it reminded him of who he was and he wanted to be honest with the Lord and no longer hold it from him. This is what the card said from his parents. It's something that really opened his eyes, but also reminded him of who he truly was. A caring individual who loves everyone and wants no one to suffer.

"When A Man Has A Good Heart
And Lets It Guide Him
When He Seeks What Is True
And Strives To Live By It
When He Understands His Own Gifts
And Does His Best To Share Them
That Man Does Himself
And All Those Who Love Him Proud"

A Reminder that God is calling him to continue writing so those who are down will see there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep Smiling Friends
Jesus is there and he does care!!!
He reached out for me, he will reach out for you! Remember that!