Thursday, July 22, 2010

False Prophets

I have seen a lot of interesting, but false statements on the coming world wars, 2010 earthquake and whatever else these people have to claim. I warn you now, becareful of the so called false prophets. Jesus talked about these people would be in great numbers in the last days.

People will easily fall and worship these people thinking they are speaking the word of the lord. I feel that they are under the power of the devil, if we are to listen to them, we will ultimately cause our own demise. These people will speak with very convincing words, appear to be messangers of God, but in truth they represent everything that has to do with a false prophet.

There are so many different messages out there, first there is the bible code. Then there is the blood line of Jesus. There is even those who do great things on tv and appear they are touching others and healing them. Even those who say they can sense someone out there who has this or that, and that they will be healed is in my opinion a false prophet.

Soon the anti-christ and the false prophet will appear as it was spoken about in the bible. I feel that the devil is looking for the false prophet and he is using many. Just be very careful, there will be many who will try to decieve you. The only true sign will be when Jesus comes back in the clouds. Then and only then you will know it is the Lord.

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  1. right on!!! this is so true... be blessed and continue to preach the Word.