Monday, August 30, 2010

My Faith

Years ago, I didn't know who Jesus was. I just lived my life as everyone else did. I was probably the age of 12. I was more interested in the Angels, i was so excited about them and how big they could grow up to be, according to the bible. I forgot the most important thing in my life. Jesus, I wasn't even thinking of the main reason we are living today.

It was through the blood of Jesus that our sins were wiped away. It was through his pain and his agony that we are forgiven. I didn't even think about Jesus, I was more excited about his Angels. So one day, when I was walking towards my house, I had the most overwhelming sensation that flowed throughout my body.

I knew then as I know now that Jesus is truly the one to be focusing our attention on. I was amazed at what I was thinking then. I wasn't even thinking Angels anymore, I was not even interested in them for one minute. I was truly amazed at how awesome Jesus was. It was if God was slapping me upside the head and saying HEY! From that moment on, I never turned my attention towards anyone or anything except Jesus.

I have went through so many troubles in my life, but each and everytime Jesus has been there for me. He has turned my life around, showed me things that I didn't even see before. He opened my eyes to a world that needed people who care.

He has made me stronger each and everyday. I am not afraid of the things that await me. I know that he is with me each and everyday, there is nothing for me to fear when he is near.

I don't just listen to christian music or talk to him, but I live my life according to him. Each and every minute, hour I think about him. I truly look at every little thing and see his hands in it.

If you say that there are not many like me, well don't even think it. Everyone has it, they just choose to ignore his presence. They don't want to see what God has to offer. They are too blind by the daily activities they are involved in. If they would just take a moment and really appreciate everything and open their eyes to his love, they would be a changed person from this moment on.

Faith comes in all forms yes, but it begins with us when we look his way and listen to what he has to say.

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