Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I can't even begin to describe how awesome our God truly is. From the little things that walk this earth to the great expanse in space he has shown us how great he truly is. He is our father and a creator who always continues to amaze us in the most remarkable ways.

He will always be showing us new things, that is what's so cool about him. When you really sit down and take a look into detail of what he has created it will blow your mind. I can't even imagine how he can keep track of every millions or billions of stars, every sea creature on this earth.

He knows about every little detail down to the very atom. He knows every hair on our heads and knows exactly where we are going to go at every minute of every day.

He knows every one of our names, our destiny and our futures from beginning to end. He is beyond awesome. With all that he has created and so much that he knows he bends over backwords to reach out to us who are so small compared to this amazing universe that we are a part of.

He doesn't care about the stars or the planets that he has created, he did that for us. He cares about each and everyone of us. Even though we are small, he loves us unconditionally.

That is who our God is, a loving and caring God who knows our hearts and minds better than we do. That's why he strives so hard to reach out to every one of us.

Don't give up on God, he won't give up on you.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

300 Vs. 30,000

I saw before me a land so vast and great. I saw an army of 30,000 that was stretched out for miles and miles. The clouds above were dark and grey. The people were all getting ready for sleep. They had been having a long day and were all tired, they were not very nice. God was not happy with them for their ways, but he had a plan that would soon unfold.

Nearby, was an army of 300, they were not sure how they would go up against this army and win. God had a plan, it was a great plan and what was about to happen would be told over and over. A true testimony to Gods awesome powers!

After this great army fell asleep, the 300 had a great plan which God had told them to do. They took their trumpets and blew into them for everyone to hear. It woke up the 30,000 and startled them. Then after the trumpets were blown, they took their swords and smashed the pottery causing a loud sound.

The huge army was going crazy, they were just waking up and thought that they were being attacked. The best part is that they didn't know who was this invading army and who was their own. Swords clashed, blood spilled and they fought against each other and killed each and everyone down to the very last one.

The whole while, the 300 watched on from up on the hill as this great army destroyed itself. Their faith in God and trusting in him truly paid off. It is so crazy how a few simple little noises could stir up an entire army and cause them to fight against each other.

God works in mysterious ways and he still contines to. This story is real and yes it did happen ages ago. It is from the book of Judges, this is just one story of many that is in the bible. It just makes you want to keep reading and learning more about God and his truly awesome ways.

Friday, January 15, 2010


The alarm clock went off as usual, a young man woke up and started to go about his day. He was in a hurry as he was again late for work, nothing seemed to be going his way. He struggled to see the future and what it had to offer. He was only looking at things minute by minute.

He struggled to see what was in front of him. He grabbed his coat off of the chair and hurried out the door. He got into his car and drove down the road. While he was listening to the radio, he heard something about the Lord. He wasn't very interested as he turned the station. He started to get closer to work and another commercial on the radio came on and started to talk about life and the choices we make.

Again, he started to ignore God's message to him. This was the Lord trying to make some sense in this mans life, but he was too busy to accept it. After the man walked into work, he feared the worst. He knew that his boss was going to be upset again because this would of been the fourth time in a row that he wasn't on time.

He was stressed to the max, another co-worker started to talk with him and told him some encouraging words. His friend said "Maybe you need to find the Lord, maybe your life would be better with him."

The young man started to think, all the while he was missing the signs. He was letting everything and anything get in his way. He was missing the point that the Lord was trying to convey to him. He just didn't know what to do or how to talk to the Lord. He was all new at this and really didn't have a background as being religious.

His friend told him there's nothing you have to do, you don't need to have experience. You just have to lay down your life to the Lord and open your heart to him. His friend said, "You just have to accept him into your life and trust in him."

The young man started to search for the Lord, everywhere he went he couldn't find the Lord. He was not looking in the right places. He tried going into a church, but didn't find the Lord. He went to the park, but he didn't find the Lord.

He went into the hills and took a walk, but he still didn't find the Lord. He was starting to get upset because he couldn't find the Lord. He started to get down and upset with himself.

The next day he went to talk to his friend, he asked him "I have looked everywhere, I have searched high and low, but I haven't found the Lord." The young mans friend said, "silly, you don't have to go searching for him, he's inside here as he pointed to his heart, this is where he always is. No matter where you go, he will be there."

The young man started to understand and it made sense to him, he was looking for the Lord in all the wrong places even though the Lord is always in all these places, he is in our hearts from the moment we are born to the minute we die.

No matter where we go, no matter what we do, he is a part of us. He will always be in our hearts and if we choose to accept him then he will bless us. Do not afraid to call on him, he will turn your life around.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Dream

I recently had a wonderful dream, it was unlike any other that would continue to stick out in my mind. I recently lost a good friend at work, his name is Richard and he worked with us all in the mornings at Wal-Mart.

I was walking back into the backroom, as I walked into the prep room with the sinks and our desk I saw all of the associates who worked in Produce. Only there was someone there who I was not expecting. I saw my good friend Richard who had passed away a few months ago. It was such a shock for me, I couldn't believe it. I soon realized that only I and another good friend at work could see him.

He was standing next to the hand washing sink wearing the usual uniform, tan pants and a navy blue polo. He was wearing the green apron as we all do, and he looked like he used to when we all worked together.

He told me that he had recently been talking to those on his buddy list on facebook. He seemed like the Richard I once knew, the one who I always had fun playing games with and chatting on facebook with. I tried to explain to the others that he was there, but they didn't believe me.

So I had an idea, I realized that if I gave Richard a pen and a notepad of paper that he could hold it up and proove to everyone he was really there. So he started to hold that pen and paper up, soon everyone was shocked. They all wanted to know how he was doing.

He started to tell me what he wanted to say, I wrote down the things that he said so that everyone else could hear what he had to say. Those who didn't belive now were believers and felt so good to hear from an old friend once again.

I even received a message during the dream, not sure where it was in the dream, but it was almost like "Sometimes the people we are really close to or the ones we love, we will see them."

I know this is not really an inspirational story, but in a way it is. See, the people we lose in our lives will never be gone from us. They will always be in our hearts. They are just distant and sometimes it just takes a wake up call to realize they are really still there letting us know.

For me, it was a good reunion with a good friend even if it was just a dream. He was trying to tell me not to forget about him, he's still here only in a different place for now. He's still doing the things he loves, only he is in a temporary place for now until Jesus comes back to raise the dead and lift us up into the clouds.

So if you have lost a loved one, know that they are still here, only in a different place and they are still with you.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Lost

A stranger lurks near the edge of a block, he looks on at a small and helpless child who is looking for his parents. He is unaware of the things that are about to happen. He knows nothing and donesn't suspect what is going to happen to him. Someone or something inside an older man is just wanting to take this child. Why? We don't know, but this man has a need to take this young boy.

The man runs quickly through the busy crowd, bumping into people and knocking some down as he grabs ahold of the childs arm, pulls him towards himself and acts like he is his own child. The others around him don't suspect a thing. They just keep doing what they're doing and don't worry about what's going on.

The man starts to run towards his car, shoves the boy in and shuts the doors. He locks it with his remote control and gets in quickly. The boy cries out with terror and tears in his eyes. He doesn't know what is going on, he doesn't want to feel alone and he wants his parents so badly. He can't stop crying, he is so in fear.

He trembles, he reaches out scratching at the window and looking at the people as the man drives away like any other. He knows that he probably will never see his family again, such a blow to a young child. He is struck with such fear inside that is now a permanent thing inside him.

This little boy is not alone, so many young kids are taken without notice. They are captured and kept slaves, killed or left on the streets miles and miles away only to fear the worst.

How can our world let this happen, but really how can people do this? What drives them to do these kinds of things is beyond me. It makes me furious inside my heart and I want to know the answers to why these people do such things, but I know as you know that I will never know that answer to that.

What drives them and what makes them tick is beyond me, only the Lord knows why. To all the families out there, I pray that you will find your children one day. I ask the Lord to work miracles in your lives and show you the love you deserve.

I can't imagine the heartache, and believe me I don't want to, but today I look into your life and see how sad you are. I will continue to pray for those who are lost, may they find their ways home.

I love the little children just as Jesus did and I don't want them to be hurt. :)

Who Am I?

So many of you have known me as a gentle and loving person, but the things which have troubled me for years have made me a better person. I thank God today and everyday for the things which he has provided me. I am a very spiritual person and I have had my fair share of ups and downs, who hasn't?

I see the glory of God in it's most amazing way unfolded into my life. I have gained a new respect for the things around me and the people who I meet everyday. No longer will I hold onto the sins that bind me, I feel as if a great burden has been lifted in the last few months. It was through Christ who strengthened me and it is him who I give the credit to. Like I always say, let his will be done in my life, not mine.

I could not write alone and the inspiration I get for my stories come from him, I ask him everyday to show me what I should write about. I want him to speak through me and reach out to those who are in need.

I am a sinner just like the rest of you and I have sinned in ways that most of you would consider me worthless. I have overcame my sin just as Jesus overcame the world. It is not an impossible feat, but it can be done with the Lord in your life and your trust in him.

I must admit that I still have my ups and downs, I deal with Depression, Diabetes, Thyroid problems so everything and anything can go wrong. I'm now just starting to get ahold of these things and make my life better. Just like the Temptation story I wrote recently, I will no longer give into these things that bind me.

Jesus has given me the strength to reach out to people and write some awesome things, and I know he wants to help with my current situation. So don't give up on Jesus, even if you don't know him. There is still time, open that Bible and begin to read, you will be amazed as I have been.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Temptation, how cunning and swift you are. You are at every corner waiting for us to fall into your traps. You search for our weakness only to exploit them even more. You tempt us with everything from sweets to adultry. You search out and take those who are vulnerable. You need to hurt those to satisfy yourself, why oh why do you temp us?

For those who struggle with Diabetes you seek them out and tease them with sugars of all kinds. You make it sound so sweet, but in the end the consequences could be deadly. Many die each year because you gain control of them and make them loose the self control or self will. No longer will I let you continue to be a part in my life. Temptation, you will perish this very night. Goodbye Temptation for the Lord has died on the very cross to forgive all of our sins and he too will keep us from our temptations.

To those who struggle with lust and pornography you seek them out and you act as if it's the best thing in the world. You confuse them and ruin family after family because of it. You also make them feel worthless and cause so many to become adulters,rapists,child molesters and whatever else you can do. You will no longer be of any temptation to those tonight. Your effects on them will cease to exist as I know the Lord will wash away all of their sins. He will provide the strength to stand up and be strong. They will not listen to your lies or your deceitful ways. No longer will you disturb their lives or ruin their familes. Tonight Temptation, you will cease to exist in their minds.

To those who are Angry and can't control their actions, you cause them to hate themselves and the world. You control their every being and unleash everything from assualt to suicide. So many fall because of your foolishness and no longer will you be a part of their lives. The lord will comfort those who are in need and he will hold them tight. They will no longer feel the anger or thoughts of death. They will come to you Jesus and together you will beat that ugly Temptation.

Temptation is the devils ultimate weapon, it's what begins the lies,selfishness and hatred that leads us to sin. Jesus overcame the world and tonight he will overcome your temptation. You will be wiped clean of all our sins if you will walk in the ways of the Lord.

Remember, the devil can try but it's upto you to accept. Turn and run and read God's word. Then and only then you will be free of all your sins.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


There is so much deception in our lives, it's so hard to think when we have the negative influences around us. The devil builds a wall all around us and prevents us from hearing from the Lord, many times we ignore him and continue to walk in our own ways. We must build up a tolerance against his deception. He tries to tell us that everything is ok, he assures us that what we are doing is nothing bad.

Often times we find ourselves overwhelmed and stressed to the max. It is his deception that keeps us chained down. We need to pray every moment of everyday and ask the Lord to protect us from such things. The Lord wants to work in our lives, but we need to let him. If we are stubborn and selfish how can he reach into our hearts and do miracles. We can choose to ignore the Lord, but by doing so we find ourselves in more trouble than we can imagine.

The Devil is going to be there trying to confuse every one of us, don't let him. Build up your strength in the Lord. Do not let him consume us with Lust, or Envy. Do not let him control our every being with Greed,Jelousy, or Hatred. Trust in the Lord and let him show you what things are possible. Most people don't realize that the Lord can bring many great things, but if they are not with the Lord they will not see the blessings he can provide.

It is your choice to let the Lord into your life, if you choose not to then you welcome every misfortune and believe me, it won't be pretty. Turn to the Lord and see how much good he can do. He has done it for me, he will do it for you.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year, A New Beginning

Many of us make new years resolutions, but we often find ourselves forgetting about what is very important to each and every one of us. We think about trying to cut this and that out of our diet. We decide we'll try and watch less tv, but what we forget is more important than any of that.

How many of us read the bible everyday, how many of us take the time to pray to the Lord and ask for his forgiveness. The Lord is watching and waiting for our attention and he wants us to make our new years resolution himself. He wants us to spend some more time talking and learning about him.

I talk to God everyday, it may not always be outloud but I speak to him in silence and let him know how thankful I am. I also let him know that I want to grow closer to him and learn more about him. I too, find myself playing games, watching tv and not spending enough time with the Lord. In this society we have grown apart from the Lord, let's not forget who created us and provided a home for all of us.

God had his hand in everything and we should thank him for all that he has done. So don't think about your new years resolution. Think about Jesus and let his will be done in our lives. Then, will we find ourselves succeeding in what we wanted to accomplish. Remember, we can do nothing apart from the Lord.

From this moment on, I will give more attention to the Lord and let his will work in my life.