Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Bible

A very popular movie has just finished. A couple walks out of the theatre, they are so excited about the latest movie in a series of 4. They talk as they walk down the street. An older man starts to walk towards them carrying a Bible, just as he passes them he hears them talking about it.

He can see that they are very excited by what they have seen. The man thinks to himself, if they think that this movie was awesome, they have no idea what awesome is. He starts to pull out his Bible and says Hello to the young couple.

He begins to say that he has heard about what they were talking about, he introduced himself and told him he knows a book that has some of the most amazing stories in it. He goes on to say that they will leave their jaw dropping for more.

The young couple smiles and looks very excited, they ask him what book it is? They are anxious to know more. The man lifts up his Bible and says, this is the book. The Holy Bible. He then says, you see many people go through their life not knowing how powerful this book can truly be.

They think that the latest tv series, movie are what's exciting. He goes onto say that some of these stories, all true are going to leave them breathless. The young couple look at each other puzzled. They kind of doubt it as most people will do, they are so into their daily lives that they forget what is really in the Bible.

The older gentleman tells them that they don't have to read it, but he encourages them to take it home and start to see what it has in store for them. The young man smiles and takes the Bible and says he will start to read it. Actually in this mans mind he is think he'll just put it down and never read it.

A week goes by, a month goes by. The young man was walking through the park and saw this old man again. Before the old gentleman could say anything, the young man said Thank You. He said you were right about the stories. He couldn't believe what he was reading and that it was true. It didn't seem like it really happened. It seemed like a science fiction movie. He was truly changed and looked at life with a whole new meaning. He will never forget the kind gesture this old man did.

The Bible is a very interesting, intriguing book. There is nothing like it out there. Even I have been amazed at what I have read, and I need to read it more. I have only read a few stories here and there. I will say, that some of them have made me go WOW in my mind. How could it be true, but it is and it's the power of God displayed in its greatest form.

So pick up that Bible, read a few chapters, include it into your daily life, you will be a changed person, truly you will.

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