Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year, A New Beginning

Many of us make new years resolutions, but we often find ourselves forgetting about what is very important to each and every one of us. We think about trying to cut this and that out of our diet. We decide we'll try and watch less tv, but what we forget is more important than any of that.

How many of us read the bible everyday, how many of us take the time to pray to the Lord and ask for his forgiveness. The Lord is watching and waiting for our attention and he wants us to make our new years resolution himself. He wants us to spend some more time talking and learning about him.

I talk to God everyday, it may not always be outloud but I speak to him in silence and let him know how thankful I am. I also let him know that I want to grow closer to him and learn more about him. I too, find myself playing games, watching tv and not spending enough time with the Lord. In this society we have grown apart from the Lord, let's not forget who created us and provided a home for all of us.

God had his hand in everything and we should thank him for all that he has done. So don't think about your new years resolution. Think about Jesus and let his will be done in our lives. Then, will we find ourselves succeeding in what we wanted to accomplish. Remember, we can do nothing apart from the Lord.

From this moment on, I will give more attention to the Lord and let his will work in my life.

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