Monday, February 13, 2012

Thank You :)

Just as i enjoy writing inspirational stories whether they are based on real life or fictional, it is always nice to see comments of those i have touched. Jesus is a huge part of my life, i wouldn't be me without him. He is my inspiration, who gives me the will to go on. I am not without sin, in fact over these last two years it has been what i would call hell. I have struggled to keep a job, stay faithful and just be me. Each and everytime i find that my faith in Jesus endures and without a doubt we all are going to face  many trials, it's just a part of life.

All i can say, no matter how bad the sin, no matter what you have done there is one thing that is so true. Jesus loves you still and he's not going to turn his eyes away from you. He knows the effect sin has on our lives and he knows we're in a constant battle between good and evil. Everywhere you look there is temptations of every kind, from food to anything you can think of. We of many religions are of one faith, that faith in Jesus is what will keep us going. I will continue to write inspirational and uplifting stories and i hope that it brings you closer to Christ.

So again, Thank You all for your kind comments. This is why i write, to reach out to all the nations, to show others how much Jesus loves you and he will never stop loving you. So don't let the devil confuse you with doubt. :)