Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Backbone of Life

Everyday, i have gone through problem after problem. I can't seem to bring myself up for long before falling down again. It seems that life is wearing on me quickly, i am weak and i am sore. I can't seem to find happiness or joy. Anything and everything is like a heavy chain holding me down. So one day i was driving down the road, i started to think why is everything happening to me. Why am i having such troubles in life. Why me?

I was listening to christian radio as always and then the idea popped into my head, i could feel the Lord saying that i am the backbone that holds you up. I knew in my heart that because i was not reading the bible, not accepting Jesus as my personal savior and not even paying attention to him that everything could and was holding me down. I forgot who Jesus was, i was so wrapped up in everything that could make me happy in my life, but was i think about making Jesus happy. No, i wasn't.

I realised then that we can't do anything without Jesus. He is the backbone of our lives, he is the one that holds us up and gives us the strength to keep going. We are like slugs without the Lord in our lives, and of course we are going to have troubles when we try to go about it our own way.

It is not easy living in a sinful world, trying to be a christian with everything around, but i do know that the more we reject the devil, the more we find fellowship with other christians the easier it will get. Life isn't going to be easy, but it's what we make of it. We have the tools at hand, we can either pick up that bible and start to read it, gaining wisdom and strength in the Lord, or we can just put it off and then find out how miserable our lives are. Just like someone said, energy begets energy.

It's the same with the Lord, trusting in him and doing things his way will make us stronger and build our faith and our relationship in Christ.