Friday, January 20, 2012

The Word is the Way!

A man walks into a donut shop only thinking of one thing, filling his stomach and satisfying his hunger. He then drives to a local Wal-Mart excited about the latest video game release. He has not even the slightest thought about Jesus on his mind, but instead of playing this certain game. He like so many others only wants to think of his needs and not the needs of others or Jesus for that matter. So he gets home and he eats those donuts, he plays that game and he spends the rest of the day watching tv.

He is so wrapped up in everything else that he doesn't take the time to spend with the Lord. His life could be better but it is less than perfect and he seems to run into more problems than ever before. He struggles to find a job, to make ends meet and to just be himself. He is attracted to the things of the world.

Each and everyday so many of us forget about reading the word of the Lord. We just stumble through life not trying at all and not giving our time to Jesus. Even i have started to neglect the things that matter to me, and that is reading the word. I have promised God before that i would sit down and i would start to read the Bible. I went back on my word and never did so.

We as christians needs to be stronger in our walk with the Lord. We need to read that word each and everyday, otherwise we are going to be tempted and we will give in no matter how hard we try. Think of it as someone standing behind a tree, he's waiting to make his next move and attack you. He's ready and you have no protection, he knows there is a good chance he's going to steal your wallet and get off with nothing.

Then picture yourself with a bunch of people, there's no way this man is going to try anything or he himself will get beat up. We can walk through life and not read the word, but temptation will only be much stronger for us. Not only will reading the word better understand the Lord, but it will also make us feel great.

So unlike other times, i promise to the Lord that today i will pick up that Bible and start reading, even if it's the Psalms or Job, i will read because i want to learn more about Jesus. I want to have that deeper connection with Jesus and by reading the word i will.

The devil doesn't want us to to know more about Jesus, so that's why we always think oh yeah i can read it tomorrow, or i'll do it later. If you don't start today, you never will. You will be more vunerable to his attacks if you do not immerse yourself in the word everyday.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Highway to Heaven

I was at my nephews confirmation recently and the bishop had a very interesting story that he told. It really reminded me of a story that i wrote which was true in real life. My experience was that i was lost in the woods, i didn't know where i was. I was starting to get nervous and afraid becuase i knew nothing about survival. I asked God to lead me and to my surprise i saw a giant white cross that led me back to the Christian Church Camp.

This is in my words the story that he said.

Four guy were taking a hike in the woods, they started to become unfamiliar with the territory. They realised too late they were lost. Each of them started to ask the other, "Do you have a Compass?" and the other said no. Eventually they all realized they forgot to bring the most important thing with them which would lead them home.

They were starting to become frightened as neither of them were much of a suvivalist. They were trying to figure out what was the best way back. Everything looked the same, they were not high enough to see the hills so they couldn't tell.

Each one claimed that a certain way was North. They argued with each other and claimed their way was the true way. They all decided to go a seperate path and find the way home. In reality only one would find their way home, what will happen to the rest.

If you really think about it so many are going to take that road that leads to darkness and do you want to miss that oportunity. Jesus is the Compass in life, if you don't have Jesus then you will not find your way to the Highway to Heaven.

You can go without Jesus, but you will lose your way and then it will be a lonely and depressing life you live, never will you find happiness like you will with Jesus. Each day will be a struggle and you will continue to fall until you accept Christ.

It was a wake up call for me that night as i knew that even i was not living my life the way i should. I was hiding things from my family, i was not living a Godly life and once again i was falling. I had to seriouly think about it, do i want to turn away and not receive the blessings that the Lord has to offer, or do i want to accept Christ and let God work in my life.

Even if you don't know Jesus today, it's never too late. Accept Jesus today and talk to him everyday, don't wait until it's too late. I almost did!