Sunday, October 25, 2009

We are Hungry

We are hungry, we need the food to keep us from getting weak. Without it we can't live and we eventually die without it. It is the same way with Jesus. Without him we can do nothing apart from him. If we try to live our lives the way we think, we will also fall and die. We need the love of Jesus in our lives. We need his presence to make it through each and every day.

We need to be quenched of our thirts and with the Lord in our hearts everything is possible. Without him, we will become thirsty, dehydrated and die. It isn't good to be without the lord, life can be so much better. Trust in him now and let your sins be washed away by the water of life. Cleanse your spirits and believe in him.

We are dirty with sin, our minds are cluttered with dirty thoughts and we try to go it alone, but it can't be that way. We must look towards the Lord and ask him to wash us clean of our sins. He is our savior and our father, he has created us to worship him. Do not feel afraid to call out to him, do not think that he won't accept our sins. He will be there waiting and welcoming us all home.

He truly loves each and every one of us. Don't forget how much he loves you, he will never leave you. He wants to forgive you now, don't let the negativity or the lies of the devil confuse you. The Lord will not abandon you, even in your most troubled times he is there waiting for you to come home.

We need the food of life to lift us up. It will give us nourishment and fill our souls with good food. It will keep us from sin and it will make us stronger. The past is the past, you have been forgiven. So forget about what you've done. Jesus doesn't want you to think about the past, he wants you to think about the future.

Will you accept Jesus today?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Passed Out

A young boy was riding his bike, he was probably about 11 or 12. He was having so much fun riding his dirt bike in the fields behind his parents house. It was something that he enjoyed so much. He had so much fun going over the bumps in the dirt and going on the trails nearby.

One day he happened to see something that he was not expecting. He saw a man laying down on the ground, he must of been in his late 30's or 40's. He saw a six pack of beer sitting next to him and he could tell this man probably passed out. He was worried about this man.

The feelings down in his gut were to go and get help, to do it right right away. This boy has always been a caring person. He couldn't just pass on by and let the man lay there. He had to do something, he needed to show the Lord that he was a caring individual. He wanted this man to get help, so he rode his bike as quickly as he could.

He knew a neighbor down the street who was a policeman. He knew that this was the right thing to do. He walked upto to the door and knocked. The man came to the door and he told him right away. He said that there was a man laying down in the dirt, he probably passed out and that there was a six pack of beer there.

The man told him that he would get an ambulance there right away. He knew he had done the right thing, he then rode his bike down as he was so excited and started to tell some of the other neighbors that he knew.

Deep down inside his heart was the passion and the love for others. It was this caring individual who wanted others to be safe. He even felt sadness when he saw someone who was in pain, the elderly, the sick. Anyone who suffered.

He knew that he did the right thing and he will always wonder what ever happened to that man. Will this man ever know who saved his life and if his life wasn't saved, at least he tried.

Jesus loves us so very much that he wants us to know that he cares deeply about each and every one of us. Sometimes we will run into situations during our lives where our assistance will be required of us. Some choose to ignore that, but others jump at the chance. We all need to be like Jesus and help those who are in need.

Seeking Forgiveness

A speeding car came out of no where and dashed down the road, soon the young kids saw an elderly man walking along the road. They were all in a gang, they thought it would be funny and fun to do. They pulled out the 22 that he had in the glove compartment. They pointed it at the man and acted like they were going to shoot him, well something happened that they were not expecting.

The gun went off, the bullet flew through the air at amazing speeds and soon the man dropped to his knees and pressed his hands against his chest as he felt the overwhelming pain going through him. His vision started to go, he felt weak and soon everything was going away as he fell down and landed in a pool of blood.

The young boys who were just joking around were in terror, they didn't know what they had done. It wasn't supposed to go this way, they drove quickly and thought they were in the clear. What they didn't realize is that someone sitting outside the gas station nearby saw everything that happened and took down their license plate.

The boys arrived home and started to panic, before they could even get calmed down the police arrived and handcuffed all of them and took them back to the station. They were charged with murder, something that they would have never dreamed of.

Because of their foolish actions they did, they will now spend most of their life behind bars and they will experience more agony than they ever wanted. It's not going to be a fun time for them.

The family who lost their father recently came to see the boys and instead of being angry, instead of cussing at them and threating to beat them up, they did something else.

The boys were shocked when the family members looked at them and said "Jesus love you my friend, he knows the pain which you suffer. He knows what you have gone through. He wants you to understand that the price that he paid for our sins can also free you from yours.

I know what you did and I am not happy, but I know how much pain you must be feeling right now. All I can say, is I forgave you."

It took a lot for the family to forgive these boys of such a thing, this was unexpected for them, something they were not looking forward to."

They learned a hard lesson in life, they were already sad enough and felt crushed from the things that they did, but to have someone forgive them for what they did truly made them feel better.

The devil wants us to hate each other, he wants nothing more for us to do than to rip each other apart. People are killing people everyday, the devil is having so much fun and so many of us are just giving into his ways of being angry at the other and wanting to lash out.

It's time to forgive all those who have wronged us, it may seem hard, but the more you forgive, the better you will feel and it will truly make Jesus smile!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where Darkness Lurks

Somewhere between this time and another there existed a foul and very evil person, known only as the evil one, the serpent, the devil. He was looking down upon a boy who was suffering, he was waiting to exploit the weaknesses and take control of his pains. He wanted to magnify everything that this one young boy suffered. He tried to reach in and take control, but somehow the will of the Lord was with this boy.

Even as he tried again and again to grasp onto him and take him from the Lord for good, it wasn't possible. The boy kept turning back to the Lord and begging for the forgiveness that he so desired.

The evil one was angry and upset, he couldn't understand how such a little boy could be so unwilling and unable to succumb to the darkness that surrounded him. The boys faith was strong and his will was even stronger. It was obvious to the devil that he wasn't going to get this boy without a fight. He kept trying day after day and sent so many different sins into this boys life, but each time he fell he got back up on his feet and looked towards the sky with his arms reached out and asked the Lord for his forgiveness.

He cried out and with tears streaming down his cheeks he pleased with the Lord to please give him a second chance. The devil saw how powerful his faith was and he didn't understand why it was so hard for him to take one little boy.

Years and years passed and the boy endured more sins and more trials, but each time it made him stronger. Each time it made his faith so much stronger than before, he learned a valuable lesson from the Lord.

He continues to press on and knew that there was nothing that was going to get in his way now with the help of the Lord. The devil knew that there was no way he was going to get this boy. He even sent out so many dark angels, but none of them had any effect on him.

Soon, the devil started to back away and leave the boy alone. He waited patiently for the right moment where the boy would slip up and he would reach in and take control again. There were many times like these, but they became fewer and fewer as this boy began to grow into a man realizing how much he truly loved the lord.

His faith was stronger than most people could imagine, he talked with the lord and showed his appreciation for all the things in the world. The young man knew that his life was not going to be without trial, but with the Lord things would be brighter than it would be without him.

Jesus is waiting for you to accept him into your life. There are so many evil things waiting to come into your life and destroy you. You can only take so much sin, but with the help of the Lord you can be victorious against it. The devil is always going to be there tempting it, but if you try and fight against him, you will never win.

It is best to run from your sins and not look back. He is waiting for you to let your guard down, once that happens he will enter your life and destroy every part of you he can. He truly hates us all for having the chance to have eternal life, something he knows he will never have.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Hourglass of Time

There is an hourglass in each one of our lives, it slowly runs out until there is no more. Some of us find ourselves in that situation where it runs faster than others. In that case, we are not prepared for what is coming. We find ourselves shocked and dismayed. What we don't realize is that there is a plan, a plan that God has for us and even though we don't see it right now, we soon shall.

There was a young boy, he faced the most trials in his life. He was in and out of hospitals for the last few years. The doctors didn't know what he had and tried everything. Every test that they did didn't seem to fix whatever was chipping away at his body.

He felt himself getting weaker and weaker by the day and he prayed so much to the Lord. He asked the Lord to come into his life and please take away the pain. It seemed to get worse and he didn't know what he was going to do. He wasn't ready to go, even at such an early age the disease that ravaged his body was getting stronger and taking more of him each day.

He looked up and saw a little sparrow sitting on the window sill, although this was not on the outside of the window. This was on the inside and the little sparrow started to sing. The music was beautiful, it was so refreshing and beautiful. He knew that the little sparrow was there to calm him and ease his pain. He thought to himself, was this the workings of the Lord. What was the meaning of this little Sparrow. He was truly a sight to see, the doctors and nurses that heard this little guy came in surprized

They asked the little boy, where did he come from and how did he get in here? The little boy shrugged his shoulders and looked up smiling with a wide grin in his face and saying Jesus sent him.

The little boy said to the doctor and the nurses that this little sparrow is going to bring me to the nest in the sky. The doctors and nurses laughed and before they could look back at the sparrow, it was gone. Not even a feather was left behind and the little bird left a beautiful reminder that God works in mysterious ways.

Later that evening, the little boy drifted off into a deep sleep. He saw all around him angels standing in the clouds in all directions and for miles upon miles. They're beautiful wings spread wide and flapping like a birds wing. In the middle was the Lord shining the light in all directions that eminated from him. It was truly a sight to see.

As the doctors came into the room to wake the little boy, they didn't get any response. It was too late, it was if the little boy had drifted off into a final sleep. He was no longer with them, he was in a better place. A place that has wiped away his terminal cancer. A place where his family will see him once more. He now is in a place that will bring him joy instead of pain. A place where he will never have to worry, where he can smile and be happy. It's not the end, it's the beginning of a whole new life for this little boy. He will be a place where Angels reside, where Jesus is and where things more amazing than we can truly imagine exist.

The little boy is now in a place of splendor. Sometimes it's hard for us to deal with the thought of dying, even when we find out that we have a few months left to live. It can be such a downer, but Jesus wants us to be happy and remember that none of his plans are to disappoint us. We will be lifted up and soon our friends will join us one day for a happy reunion.

This story is dedicated to a great friend of mine. A friend whom I have known for the last 2 1/2 years at Wal-Mart. He started in Produce while I was on leave for the birth of my first child. Richard is his name and it's a sad story, but I want Richard to know that he shouldn't be afraid of what's coming ahead of him. Not long ago he lost his mother. It was a sad time in his life and even though he lost her, she is now in a place where she is no longer suffering.

Richard came down with a certain type of Cancer, it spread from his esophagus to his stomach, it now spread into his liver. The doctors couldn't even do Chemo because it has gotten to the point of being too far advanced. Richard was a hard worker and I can't think enough how I miss him at work. I had so much fun talking to him and knowing how much of a great friend he is. I can't help it as I start to tear knowing how much he made my day just seeing him.

Richard, I hope that you will live longer than the doctors said. I say this, you will never be forgotton. You will live in my memory and I'll always remember the fun times we had joking around in Produce. All of us shall truly miss you, but you will live on in our hearts and know that one day we shall see you again in a place of splendor. That place which dreams come true.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don't Wait!!!

There will be a time in the world when people will forget about Jesus. They will become so wrapped up in their own lives that they will not have time for him anymore. They will try to act like everything is ok, they will even try to be kind to one another.

What they will lack is the love that comes from Jesus Christ. Things in this world will get worse and famine and disease will become overwhelming. Times will get harder and people will start to loose hope as so much death and destruction begins to overtake the world. These are the times of the tribulation or just before. We must never forget about what is going to happen. We must live each day as a follower of Christ, we must watch and pray for all of those who will not be ready.

Today is the day to turn your eyes towards Jesus. Today is the day to confess your sins to him and accept him into your life. Today is the day that we must let go of all of our problems and let him take control of our lives.

Don't wait until tomorrow, don't wait until next week, and don't wait until next year. Tomorrow may not come, next week may not come and next year may not come. Today is the day to begin our new walk with the Lord. Disease and Earthquakes are on the rise, such disesases as Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Swine Flu, Cancer, Aids and many others are starting to fill the headlines.

Earthquakes and talk of Wars are starting to appear in the world, what does this mean to all of us? This could be a sign of the sign of times to come. I feel that the Lord is trying to reach out to all of us and give us a warning sign. If you read in the Revelations, you will know that things such as Earthquakes, Pestilence, Diseases are just the birthing pains.

What is and will come is truly catestrophic compared to what we are witnessing. Those who are left behind will not have an easy time. So I say to you, TODAY is the day to begin following the lord.

Do not put it off, do not try and procrastinate. Grab your Bible and begin to read The Book of Job, read the Book of Revelations.

DON'T WAIT until it is too late, open your heart to Jesus!

Please Don't Wait! You're life will be so much better, he will take your fears, your stresses and all that burden you if you will put your trust in him.

Friday, October 9, 2009


It was early one morning and I awoke and my wife asked one simple thing of me, I knew that I wanted to sleep in. I wasn't too happy about it, like any normal person I didn't feel normal.

I started to get angry and started to feel as if she was nagging at me, I felt like she was trying to control my life. I knew that was not the case, but deeply inside my mind I was starting to get more and more angry. I started to yell at her and tell her to leave me alone. I just wanted to sleep, I felt tired and worn out.

I could tell through the sounds of her voice that she was starting to get stressed out and upset. I felt like I didn't care at all about her, I was starting to get in a rage and I felt like the whole world was against me.

My daughter woke up and started to cry, I started to get even more upset. I started to take my frustrations out on her. I was now starting to loose it, I started to feel like all I wanted is to be alone.

I didn't even seem to think about whether I cared for my wife and child. It was just taking over me, I was starting to loose control of my actions. I ran down stairs and started to get really upset. I even got to the point that I started to throw things around, my anger has started to lead to violence. I know that I would never touch her or hurt my daughter. At least I was in control of that. So many others, do not have the control or do things that they will soon regret.

I soon found out that Depression was probably the cause of it. I felt terrible for my actions and the way I had been treating her. So many of you who feel the same way and are not alone. It's something that so many of us have, many of us keep our feelings bottled up inside and don't tell anyone.

Men are the worst ones who don't want to admit they have a problem. Soon afterwords I realized that Depression was a part of me as it was a part of my family history. I never really thought about that one, but now it was reality and I had to live with it.

Several weeks after I started on the medication I felt like a new person. There were changes in my life that I never dreamed were possible. I was no longer upset every moment of the day or feeling like suicide. It was if my burdens had been lifted.

I will admit, that medicine can not do it alone. You have to be willing to take control of your life and give it to Jesus. You can't win it alone, even if you try yourself. You will fail and all your problems will come creeping back in faster than you can imagine.

Jesus has always been a big part of my life, without him I would not be here today. He has given me the strength to be someone I never dreamed of. A person who wants to reach out and touch as many lives as I possibly can.

So if you feel that you are hurting, that you're sad or that you don't think your life matters, you're NOT alone! Things can be better for you, just ask the Lord to help you and he will help you seek help. It's never too late!

"If God Will Get You To It, He Will Get You Through It"