Thursday, June 24, 2010

Unending Love

Many who suffer, who go through troubles in their lives feel that God has a limit on them and won't accept any more of their sins, that he won't listen to their concerns. God is an awesome God, he has bent over backwards to reveal to me so many wonderful things. He has been there for me each and every time I fall. He knows everything about me and is proud of me as he is proud of everyone who he has created.

He loves us like a mother loves her children, after all he is our creator. He spent the many hours and days creating each one of us. He made us all different in many ways, special and unique.

So often people try to say that God isn't going to forgive me of my sin because I committed adultry, or that I killed someone. God will forgive anyone for no matter how bad your sin is, it's accepting what you have done and asking him to come into your life is what begins the healing process.

Jesus died for our sins on the cross to wipe away our tears, to take away our sins because he loves us unconditionally. His love is unending and he will never forsake us.

Recently in my life I have been feeling so tired and week, always wanting to sleep. God moved my sleep study to last night. He cared so much for me to show me that he wants me to know what's wrong. It was good, because it was borderline severe. He was with me, and to know that comforted me.

I know that I can do nothing apart from God, I will listen to his words and do according to his will, not mine. I feel blessed to have such an awesome god and AWESOME he is. :)

If God can get you to it, he will get you through it

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