Friday, January 15, 2010


The alarm clock went off as usual, a young man woke up and started to go about his day. He was in a hurry as he was again late for work, nothing seemed to be going his way. He struggled to see the future and what it had to offer. He was only looking at things minute by minute.

He struggled to see what was in front of him. He grabbed his coat off of the chair and hurried out the door. He got into his car and drove down the road. While he was listening to the radio, he heard something about the Lord. He wasn't very interested as he turned the station. He started to get closer to work and another commercial on the radio came on and started to talk about life and the choices we make.

Again, he started to ignore God's message to him. This was the Lord trying to make some sense in this mans life, but he was too busy to accept it. After the man walked into work, he feared the worst. He knew that his boss was going to be upset again because this would of been the fourth time in a row that he wasn't on time.

He was stressed to the max, another co-worker started to talk with him and told him some encouraging words. His friend said "Maybe you need to find the Lord, maybe your life would be better with him."

The young man started to think, all the while he was missing the signs. He was letting everything and anything get in his way. He was missing the point that the Lord was trying to convey to him. He just didn't know what to do or how to talk to the Lord. He was all new at this and really didn't have a background as being religious.

His friend told him there's nothing you have to do, you don't need to have experience. You just have to lay down your life to the Lord and open your heart to him. His friend said, "You just have to accept him into your life and trust in him."

The young man started to search for the Lord, everywhere he went he couldn't find the Lord. He was not looking in the right places. He tried going into a church, but didn't find the Lord. He went to the park, but he didn't find the Lord.

He went into the hills and took a walk, but he still didn't find the Lord. He was starting to get upset because he couldn't find the Lord. He started to get down and upset with himself.

The next day he went to talk to his friend, he asked him "I have looked everywhere, I have searched high and low, but I haven't found the Lord." The young mans friend said, "silly, you don't have to go searching for him, he's inside here as he pointed to his heart, this is where he always is. No matter where you go, he will be there."

The young man started to understand and it made sense to him, he was looking for the Lord in all the wrong places even though the Lord is always in all these places, he is in our hearts from the moment we are born to the minute we die.

No matter where we go, no matter what we do, he is a part of us. He will always be in our hearts and if we choose to accept him then he will bless us. Do not afraid to call on him, he will turn your life around.

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  1. Hi, your posts mean so much to me. I to am going through some changes in my life and sometimes seem to forget my way in the chaos. So thank you, your words serve as a reminder to the truth I know but loose sight of often.