Friday, February 19, 2010

He's knocking, but we're not listening!

Today, was a very interesting day. It started out as a friend gave me a million dollar bill, the kind that has a spiritual message on the back. It was very interesting to read and some of the message applied to me.

Here I was once again going down the wrong road, was I truly following God. I wasn't, I was beginning to go astray. I was beginning to do things in my life which were not appropriate and it started to get in the way of my marriage and made me upset.

As I looked at the message, I realized that I was lying, I was sinning and I was doing the things that could get me into serious trouble if Jesus was to return.

I really started to think and realised that I needed to take a stronger step forward and leave the sins in the past. It's not always easy to walk the narrow road, it's too easy in fact to walk the wide path to destruction.

I had been doing a lot of thinking before and during my drive home for lunch. As I was near home, a song on the radio started to play and it was one that really touched me. It made me think about my writings and how I have let every other thing in my life come first.

So as I listened to this song, it made sense. God has truly given me a gift, to show others how much Jesus means to me in my life and to reach out and help those who are in need. I can choose to ignore it and move on with my life, but each minute someone else falls when I could of reached out to them.

As soon as I got inside and started to make lunch I was listening to the song on the radio as it almost finished. I thought I had closed the browser window, but somehow I closed the wrong one. What I realized is another song , one that I have as a ring tone came on and it's one of my favorites. I was shocked, it was two great songs in a row both applying to my situation.

I posted both of these songs on my facebook and let others know how awesome I felt. God was trying to reach out to me, he was trying to say "Hey Mcfly!, what are you doing?" What good was I to have a gift if I wasn't even using it.

I went back to work thinking how great this message was to me and that I should continue if I want to improve and be better at it.

Immediately after work, I was listening to a radio show after picking up my daughter. The first radio show had a lot to do with my situation again. I was really amazed at what I was hearing. I couldn't believe what I heard, it made me feel really good. God was really trying to get through to me. The next radio show came on and touched on some of my sins that I have been doing.

Again, I was amazed and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was an experience that I will never forget.

God loves us so unconditionally that he will do everything to get our attention. I put all of the pieces together and realized that he was trying to tell me to stop what I was doing. He wanted me to be good and let go of my sins. I know it is hard because we get so involved and think that we can't let go.

If we give God a chance, he will make it possible to let go of the things we hold onto. He is a loving God and he knows our pain more than we can only imagine. So don't give up on God. It may seem like the whole world is about to crash down on you, but with his strength you can hold the world up and have a happy life.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Awakening

A leaf was falling near a bench, it was fall and a man was sitting at the bench looking through a magazing. Nearby two children were playing in the park, they were happy and unaware what was about to happen. Two adults were talking to each other as they were strolling through the park. They had their hands on each stroller and their babies were fast asleep.

A few miles away, a young man was listening to the radio as he was driving to work,the song on the radio would be the last song he heard. What was coming would be a shock to him and to everyone.

Many people were rushing about trying to pick up their last minute gifts at a shopping mall for a birthday party. They too were unaware of what was coming. They were living their last moments as anyone would.

An elderly man was looking out a window, he watched the birds sing songs of praise to the one who was near. He sensed that the birds knew something was coming, something that has been talked about for the last thousand years.

Everything changed in an instant as thousands upon thousands of angels appeared in the sky, near to them was the Lord. Everyone and everything stopped, even time it seemed paused for a brief moment. It was unlike anything mankind had experienced before. It was truly amazing and awesome at the same time.

The lord has finally returned, no one could hide from him. Everyone that was alive saw him, even those who did the works of the devil could not escape him. Every man, woman and child saw him and those who did evil ran and hid fearing him.

Something like this will happen, the Lord will come like a thief in the night and we will all be unaware of what's going on until it happens. He will come in the sky with an army of angels. It is said that the dead will be risen first to meet him in the clouds. Then we will join them and those who do not believe will be left behind.

They will be left behind to experience the seven year tribulation which in itself will be worse than any earthquake, war that we experience now. Revelations tells us all about the tragedy that will occur and it's not pretty.

The sad part is that many will not believe when he returns, their fate will already be decided. So pray for those who do not see Jesus, may they come to him, because the hourglass of time is running out.