Sunday, January 17, 2010

300 Vs. 30,000

I saw before me a land so vast and great. I saw an army of 30,000 that was stretched out for miles and miles. The clouds above were dark and grey. The people were all getting ready for sleep. They had been having a long day and were all tired, they were not very nice. God was not happy with them for their ways, but he had a plan that would soon unfold.

Nearby, was an army of 300, they were not sure how they would go up against this army and win. God had a plan, it was a great plan and what was about to happen would be told over and over. A true testimony to Gods awesome powers!

After this great army fell asleep, the 300 had a great plan which God had told them to do. They took their trumpets and blew into them for everyone to hear. It woke up the 30,000 and startled them. Then after the trumpets were blown, they took their swords and smashed the pottery causing a loud sound.

The huge army was going crazy, they were just waking up and thought that they were being attacked. The best part is that they didn't know who was this invading army and who was their own. Swords clashed, blood spilled and they fought against each other and killed each and everyone down to the very last one.

The whole while, the 300 watched on from up on the hill as this great army destroyed itself. Their faith in God and trusting in him truly paid off. It is so crazy how a few simple little noises could stir up an entire army and cause them to fight against each other.

God works in mysterious ways and he still contines to. This story is real and yes it did happen ages ago. It is from the book of Judges, this is just one story of many that is in the bible. It just makes you want to keep reading and learning more about God and his truly awesome ways.

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