Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Temptation, how cunning and swift you are. You are at every corner waiting for us to fall into your traps. You search for our weakness only to exploit them even more. You tempt us with everything from sweets to adultry. You search out and take those who are vulnerable. You need to hurt those to satisfy yourself, why oh why do you temp us?

For those who struggle with Diabetes you seek them out and tease them with sugars of all kinds. You make it sound so sweet, but in the end the consequences could be deadly. Many die each year because you gain control of them and make them loose the self control or self will. No longer will I let you continue to be a part in my life. Temptation, you will perish this very night. Goodbye Temptation for the Lord has died on the very cross to forgive all of our sins and he too will keep us from our temptations.

To those who struggle with lust and pornography you seek them out and you act as if it's the best thing in the world. You confuse them and ruin family after family because of it. You also make them feel worthless and cause so many to become adulters,rapists,child molesters and whatever else you can do. You will no longer be of any temptation to those tonight. Your effects on them will cease to exist as I know the Lord will wash away all of their sins. He will provide the strength to stand up and be strong. They will not listen to your lies or your deceitful ways. No longer will you disturb their lives or ruin their familes. Tonight Temptation, you will cease to exist in their minds.

To those who are Angry and can't control their actions, you cause them to hate themselves and the world. You control their every being and unleash everything from assualt to suicide. So many fall because of your foolishness and no longer will you be a part of their lives. The lord will comfort those who are in need and he will hold them tight. They will no longer feel the anger or thoughts of death. They will come to you Jesus and together you will beat that ugly Temptation.

Temptation is the devils ultimate weapon, it's what begins the lies,selfishness and hatred that leads us to sin. Jesus overcame the world and tonight he will overcome your temptation. You will be wiped clean of all our sins if you will walk in the ways of the Lord.

Remember, the devil can try but it's upto you to accept. Turn and run and read God's word. Then and only then you will be free of all your sins.

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