Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Nation Under God

I have been watching and reading so much about what has been happening in the gulf area. I have heard reports of wildlife being destroyed and an area changed forever. It sickens me, I know it upsets you and it's something that neither you or I would have forseen.

What I do know, is that we can't continue to put blame on each other. We need to stand together and pray for those who are under such stress. The people that have lost their jobs, their way of life, and those who are suffering from illnesses now due to chemicals in the air and in the sea from oil and much more.

I have a bad feeling about this all, I know that it's going to get much worse before it gets better. I feel that some of you will agree with me on this, we need to pray and seriously pray to God. Our country, our way of life and everything we do is moving away from God. You can deny it or you can choose to accept it. I'm not saying God is the result of this, but if we want to get through these troubled times, we need God in our lives.

Of course, I am ready for all the people who are going to laugh at me and accuse me of being an idiot. Well, I'm speaking for Jesus and I'm not afraid to say what I have to say. The world has been ignoring Christ for too long, maybe this is his way of opening our eyes. It's never too late to start believing.

I do believe that this whole oil tragedy is going to get worse and I mean WORSE. Cities are going to be affected. Acid Rain will cover many areas, people's lives are going to be affected in ways they have never known. Things are not going to be the same for millions and it's the truth whether you want to believe it or not.

What we see as a gulf issue is soon going to escalate to a bigger and broader area than we ever imagined. If you really think about it, it will. The hurricanes will bring it into almost every city along the gulf. The weather that moves throughout the us will carry these toxins to areas that you and I never thought possible. The ripple effect is going to be deadly.

So as I say again, we need to pray and we need to pray NOW! You can laugh at me, call me crazy. However, when you see what is going to happen, you will be the one who won't be laughing.

We as a nation have fallen away from God, it's about time that we come together as a nation.


  1. i don't think your an idiot or your crazy. i am a strong believer and i believe that one cant do anything without God. Yes everybody needs to pray including Christians in my country. take care and keep up the good work. God will never forsake his own

  2. We need to stop hiding behind an imaginary God and realize it's up to us to change things and heal the Earth.

  3. I think BP has a lot to do with what is happening in the Gulf. And yes I do think that we should pray to God for our country, if not the whole world. You see I am a strong believer in the Most High God and I accepted Jesus a long time ago as my Lord and Savior. I think we should pray to God in Jesus name for our country for each and every day for the rest of our lives.

  4. Amen....I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God's blessings too you. Lloyd