Sunday, August 9, 2009

We Are

We are born into this world, but are we sinless, are we free of that sin at the very moment we are born? I read something very interesting that made sense to me. When we are born, we are born in to a sinful world. We at that very moment are neither good or evil. We just are too little to comprehend everything. The things around us are new and exciting.

It is the temptations that surround us and compel us to do wrong. So are we really bad in the eyes of Jesus? No, we do the actions that the devil wants us to do, we are the weak and the fallen. It is not us that are bad, it is the things that we do which ultimately determine our fate.

A adulter, a rapist, a murder are all bad, but it isn't the person that makes them bad, it is the actions. If anyone of them were to find Jesus today in their lives and repent, they would be cleansed of their sins.

Jesus doesn't hold any sin against us, if we come to him and repent he will wipe away everything that we are holding onto. Those that think they have done too much wrong and that they won't be forgiven are mistaken.

Jesus forgives every sin and no sin is too big for him not to forgive. So don't hold back, if you feel that you can't go on. Stop and kneel before him and pray, call out to him and ask him to come into your life. Ask him to take away all your pain and soon you will feel the burdens that you carry lifted onto his shoulders.


  1. I knelt down and spoke to Him today, and I'll do it again before I go to bed :)

  2. Was nice to read your blog,very well written.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My ongoing prayer, especially in the middle of the "Thank you God!". Can never be too grateful, or grateful enough.