Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Little Angels

I was sitting on my deck watching out over the fields and taking notice to all the creatures that moved about in the early morning. What I saw right in front of me was a small robin that landed on the deck. He sat there and looked at me, he tilted his head and started to sing.

Soon after he started to sing, another one appeared and started to look at me curiously and he too started to sing beautiful music. Another one now showed up and began to sing. I couldn't believe my eyes, this has never happened to me in my entire life. Yes I loved birds, but I never dreamed of such a thing happening to me.

I sat back and listening to their tune, it was so amazing how it sounded. These little precious creatures were like little angels. They had wings, their music was awe inspiring and they were a great companion that morning.

They started to speak in their own tongue, I couldn't understand them, but I knew they were trying to communicate with me. I didn't know what to say, I shrugged my shoulders looking back at them. Again they spoke, they tried to so hard as I heard them speaking several times as they talked back and forth to each other.

Just then, one flew my way and it about freaked me out as it landed right on the table just inches away. It looked at me again and then walked right onto my arm. Now I was shocked, it was so cool. How is this possible I thought, no birds would ever dare to come this close to a human.

Then something very strange started to happen, they started to disappear one after another. Those three little birds were gone and I couldn't understand why. I started to think really hard and then remembered that these little birds must of been the three little baby birds that never made it in the Robins nest.

What I wondered is what are they trying to say? I told my wife about it later that night, and she started to confess something awesome to me. She said that she was late by at least 5 weeks. Soon we realized that she was pregnant again, but this time it wasn't an In Vitro. It was on our own.

I turned and looked towards the deck as my mouth dropped and my eyes started to tear. I saw the sign that God was showing me. He was telling me that soon you will have a beautiful new baby on the way. I never thought this was possible, even for me.

I started to cry tears full of joy and I was so happy that I couldn't stop crying. I smiled widely and from that moment on I will never think of birds the same way when I see them. They are truly God's Little Angels.

I wish we were having a 2nd, but only time will tell. :)


  1. I like your site. I added it to my blogroll. Cheers and I know what it is like to want children that badly and then to be given them is truly a gift.

  2. Was this a sign from God of greater things to come??? My wife just told me she is 6 days late, so keep us in your prayers and remember, God can work miracles, even in today's society!