Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Two Angels

A young man and his wife were so excited about getting married, they had planned their honeymoon for Breckenridge, Colorado. They knew that everything was going to be fun, but was it really? Soon they arrived in Breckenridge. The hotel that they saw on the internet was a total dump. They realized then, that they will never trust any more pictures on the Internet.

The bed was as hard as a rock, there was very little room in the bathroom. The toilet was close enough to the wall where you would bump your head if you got up the wrong way. It was terrible, to say the least. How could it get any worse than this, he thought.

They had already been together for a long time. They spent nearly five years dating each other and getting to know one another. They knew each other inside that there was nothing to hide.

Their 85 Blue Ford Tempo was a nice car, but what he failed to mention is that the shifter was about to go out. He didn't think, even after driving all this way. He ignored the obvious and continued on without taking notice of the warning God was trying to tell him.

Soon they decided to check out Loveland Pass, after a long drive towards the top which was very steep. The roads winded in all directions and it was a pretty site. They walked towards the lookout point and took plenty of pictures.

As he walked back towards his car a couple decided to take their picture for them, he was very happy and accepted gladly. Upon entering the car and starting it up, something went wrong. It wouldn't shift, it was too late now. The shifter was broken and they were at least 10,000 feet above sea level.

He knew he was in trouble at this point in time, he started to get very upset. Both him and his wife were almost in tears because their car was broken down and their honeymoon that they both thought would be awesome, was turning out to be not so great.

They didn't know how they were going to get down, none of them had a cell phone on them on them. What were they going to do, his wife was already in tears and he felt so bad. This was not what he expected or wanted at all.

Two gals overheard them fighting and asked if they would like a ride down to Frisco, which was not far outside of Breckendridge. They agreed with a smile on their faces. These two young gals even decided to wait for them at the local repair shop to see if they could get it towed.

They were so nice and so patient, he thought to himself that God was truly with him. Through all the pain, there was still hope and he wanted to hold onto any bit of hope that was left.

Him and his wife had to spend a few extra days walking back and forth from a bus terminal to shop in Fresco and visit the local Wal-Mart. Not having a car really did have it's moments. Soon they found themselves switching to a nicer hotel in Frisco. Things were looking up and they enjoyed this hotel so much more.

After a few days, a part was brought in from Denver and soon they could be on their way. They're exact thoughts were to get out of this place! They were so happy to be able to have a car.

Through all the walking they realized how much they loved each other. He realized that it must of been a test from God to see how well they can endure together under stressful situations. When he looks back, he realizes that their honeymoon was not the best. It was the experience they shared with made them stronger in the end.

He will never forget the two women who offered them a ride down. All he can remember is that they were from Florida. He will always remember them in his heart.

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  1. I have an angel as well. I will never be able to forget him in my heart either, for he has changed me from one depressing little drama queen to who I am today. And I am glad for that change to have occured. :) Thank you for sharing!