Monday, August 17, 2009

God's Plan

So often we think that God's plan will be what we are expecting. I recently thought that what was about to happen was part of his plan. Soon afterwords I realized that it wasn't his plan. I started to think and realized that he had a different plan for me.

I was a little bummed, but when I looked at the big picture I started to understand exactly where everything fit in. I sometimes can't comprehend everything and how everything else ties into the thing that I wanted to happen.

I have now realized that it is for the better that whatever I was wishing for will wait. I now know that once we get through our current situation things will work out for the better. We will be able to do what I was hoping for and then it will be even better than it is now.

God is always there for us, sometimes the things that we are wishing for are not granted. We shouldn't get discouraged or upset. We should still keep our trust in him and hold true to his word. Do not get angry and do not think that he isn't with you.

His plan is great and what he has plan will be better than the one we thought. It's hard for us to understand sometimes exactly how it is better, but in the end when we look back on it, we truly understand how much greater it is. We are thankful for what the Lord has done.

There are going to be many trials that we will go through in our lives, it is part of making us stronger. God tests us for a reason, do not loose hope if something that you were expecting doesn't come true. Hold true to the belief that God will make things better. After all, he makes all things new and he will for you. Do not forget that. Also, remember that if God gets you to it, he will get you through it! So if you're having a bad day, stop and pray and let God help you through your day.

You will look back when you are done with your day and realize what all he has done for you.

Never loose hope, keep believing and trusting in God and the rest will come easy!


  1. I'll try. :P I often become impatient and wonder why did He let this happen to me, but eventually, I understand.

  2. I liked your post on God's Creation. Many of us let life pass us by worrying about every little thing. We should remember that by placing some of those troubles in his hands and taking the time to breathe in prayer, we might actually be able to smell the roses.

  3. This has been a huge challenge in my life. I have had allot of challenges, and am just starting to learn to give my troubles to God. But it takes practice. Please read my blog.