Tuesday, August 4, 2009

God's Creations

It seems that everyday we rush through our lives not noticing what God has provided for us, only to ignore them and take them for granted. We see the birds, we see the trees and we see all of his creations, but do we even stop and think what all went into them. Do we stop and cherish them and thank him for them.

One day I was driving along as most people do, I wasn't paying attention to anything. I didn't really see the trees as being a beautiful creation, I just saw them as trees. It was the same when I saw a bird or anything else, what I was missing was the fact that the Lord had created these things for us, to enjoy and to keep us company.

I started to notice something as the Lord showed it to me. He was trying to say to me, look! Do you see the things that it took to create that tree, do you not see the little birds that fly and sing joy. How can you miss these things, are you blind and deaf?

I realized that what God was trying to convey to me is that I should take notice and appreciate all that he has done for me. I was starting to forget how truly awesome his works were. I started to look at things now with a better appreciation for everything.

For God had given us the ideas, the knowledge and the ability to create these things. We did not get these things on our own, we borrowed the ideas from God. So when you hear someone say "Look what I did", remind them that it wasn't them, but it was God's idea.

So many of us forget, it's time to wake up and see what God has given to us and to thank him in return. I no longer go through life just looking at anything, to me I have a new outlook on everything. When I see the clouds, the land, the birds I know that God had his works in these and I appreciate all that he has done.

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