Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Fisherman

Jacob and his son decided it would be a great weekend to go out on the seas and try and catch some fish. The weather was awesome, there was not a cloud in the sky. Things were looking up and they hoped to catch lots of fish. His son Matt decided it would be a great idea to bring along one of his friends. He invited his great friend Joe.

The boat was ready to sail, the nets were all ready and they had plenty of room for a big load. As they departed into the quiet waters, things started to get interesting. What they thought was a cloudless day started to change, clouds began to appear out of no where and soon increased in size.

The waters were still calm, but it wouldn't before long and things would get really dangerous if they stayed out. Matt's friend thought that maybe the storm would bring in lots of fish, but was his friend really right?

The waves started to splash against the sides of the boat, the clouds all around were turning very dark. The three of them started to hold on as the boat started to rock from side to side. The waters were getting very fierce as things got intersting.

They tried to hold on for their lives as the waves splashed over the boat, filling it up quickly. Jacob and his son were started to worry and they didn't know what to do. As the winds started to increase and as the boat was whipped around, Jacob called out to the Lord. He said "Where are you Lord?, Don't let me die at a time like this, will you send your angels to protect us. Hear us oh Lord, do not forget us!"

The waters started to calm down, the heavy rains stopped and something awesome just started to happen. The clouds started to seperate and in the middle of the sky appeared several rays of sunshine as they peaked through the clouds.

They witnessed something miraculous before their very eyes. They stood there motionless as they all looked up. A great lightning bolt struck down on all sides of the boat, but it wasn't hurting them. Thousands upon thousands of fish started to flop up and down in the waters. The three men grabbed the nets quickly and tried to catch as many as they could. They were overwhelmed, their boat was filled to the max.

There was no way they could take anymore fish. They were happy and filled with excitement. Nothing like this had ever happened before.

Jacob turned and looked up at the sky, he said "Oh Lord, Thank You. You are an awesome God! You didn't have to do this for us, but you protected us and made sure that we made it through. Even though we are just three out of millions, you still cared for us."

Jacob had a great feeling. He thought that even though God was great and powerful that he will never forget any one of us. Jacob knew that God could hear each and everyone of our thoughts and be with us all at the same time, to him that was amazing enough just to think about it.

He told his son on the way back, "God was with us today, we may be small, but he loves all of his children and will do anything to save us."

They all learned a valuable lesson from this, they will remember it for the rest of their lives and share it with many others as a testimony to their faith.


  1. Reading your posts make me want to become closer and closer to fact, I always feel so bad because I feel like I KNOW I can get closer but choose not to.

    So to try and commend, I have begun to pray constantly during every weekly mass @__@

  2. Thank You for your awesome comments. I feel the same, putting off church. Putting off reading the bible as I should. We all have things to work on, that's part of living. Do not be discouraged, take it one day at a time. God will walk you through it! "If God can get you to it, he will get you through it!" :)