Sunday, August 2, 2009


What is Faith? Is it the feeling deep down inside us that makes everything feel great.

Maybe it's the way we look at others, how we care about them and wish the best for them.

Faith to me is something more than just the feeling. It is so much more, it is a lifestyle for me. Everything that I am doing, everything that I am saying and every way I am living is based on Faith.

Faith surrounds us all, it's for us to take notice and grab ahold of it's awesome power. Do you know that so many millions of people do not have faith. Do you know that they go through their entire day, their entire lives without knowing Faith?

Do you know that so many of them say the Lords name in vain as if it was another part of their vocabulary. I say to you, what is wrong with these people who do such things? Do they not have a conscience, do they not realize what is going to happen to them if the Lord should appear tonight, tomorrow or the next day?

Like part of the saying goes, watch and pray because the time and the hour of the Lord is not known. Did you know that it isn't even known to the Lord. It is only God who knows the exact return of Jesus Christ.

So the next time that you catch yourself blaspheming his name, be careful. In the Bible it says that God will forgive you for every sin, but Blasphemy he will not forgive.

So remember, have Faith and live your day the way Jesus would.

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