Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Robin's Nest

It was a few years ago, shortly after my wife had become pregnant that we noticed two robins that built a nest right underneath our deck. My wife demanded that I take down the nest, because she didn't want to see them anymore.

I didn't want to do that, I love birds and I wanted them to stay there. I didn't want to disturb them. Day after day came as I watched the male robin going out to get food while the female waiting inside the nest. It was interesting to hear his call, the voice that uttered from that little beak of his. It was so much fun to watch them everyday and it brought great joy to my heart to know we had visitors.

My wife asked me again several times, but each time I said no. I can't take them away, I heard babies and I knew now was not the time to take them away. Throughout the summer I watched them on and off thanking the Lord for bringing us such nice visitors. Their company was welcomed greatly.

The summer ended and soon they were gone, I didn't see them anymore. I was sad, I enjoyed listening to their sweet music and hearing them talk to each other. It was if a part of me had been taken with them, but I knew a greater joy was on the way.

A joy that I will never forget, the birth of our first child. Shortly afterwords I noticed that we had in our possesion two small ceramic robins that were painted so well. These used to be my grandma Betty's and we acquired them.

I thought to myself, was this a sign from God? How cool was that to have two Robins like the two that visited us. Although, that was not the best to come. What I noticed while looking through the deck to see what was in the nest nearly shocked me.

I remember during the In Vitro that only four embryos were put in. Three of them didn't make it and we were happy with just the one that made it. When I looked through the deck I saw three little baby birds that were no longer alive. They must not of made it through the summer, either the parents couldn't find enough food or something beyond my understanding happened.

I immediately thought of the three embryos that didn't make it, I saw this as a sign from God that he was with us. Looking back now, I realize that it all fit together.

God was with us when we did the Invitro, I trusted in him and he brought us a miracle. His love was with us in the Hospital when we went through some of the hardest times in our life. It all made sense now, God has always been with me. He was showing these things because he wanted me to know that every step of the way he was there.

I will always wonder if those three Embryos are in Heaven, maybe I will see them as our children or maybe not.

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  1. That is so sad to hear about the birds. I have a bird myself and would never allow it to be astray. I'm glad God as given the miracle you and your wife had always been looking for.

    I would also like to thank you for being the first one to follow me on my blog; I shall read your blog whenever I have the chance, and I hope I keep you interested in my blog as I keep writing.