Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Future is Unknown

So many people do not believe that the future can be anything they want it to be. So many try to visualize it, but can't. There will be few that will not doubt that things could be great. They live to deny themselves greatness. If they shall only look and trust in the Lord, they will be surprized by the things that will come.

A young man and his wife were trying so hard to have a baby. What he was trying to do was visualize the future and all he could see was nothing. He didn't believe that anything could happen, he could only think about failure. What he was giving into was the negative feelings and thoughts that overwhelmed his mind.

He in a sense was setting himself up for rejection. He was giving into his fears and worries that he believed so hard that it wouldn't work. What he should of been doing was believing that it would happen. He should of been putting his entire trust in the Lord and not holding back.

It was too hard for him to do that. He found out countless times in anything he was striving for only ended up in failure or dissappointment. As he started to listen to radio shows relating to the Bible he started to understand something very intersting.

He was aware that if we don't trust in God and give ourselves to the Lord fully that we will continue to see failure in our lives.

It is by Christ that we can do all things, he knew that his life had to change and it had to be his way of thinking as well. He had to start looking at the future as being full of new and exciting things to come.

The Lord revealed to him many new things that would change his life, he wouldn't understand it all at once. When he looked back he saw exactly what God's plan had been. He saw that God had showed him that he had Diabetees, he also realized that through the new medicine he was taking would change his body.

An idea of having Watermelon for lunch to help loose weight was doing something for his body that he didn't realize until he saw an e-mail about fruits.

That too tied into God's plan, he soon found out that the Watermelon had a very important vitamin that improved fertility.

As he looked back, he saw all of the great things that God was doing in his life. It all made sense to him. God was doing great things, but it would take a while and all the steps that it took he soon noticed.

Soon he found out that they were expecting, this time there was no need for any fertility treatments. It was on their own, God had done something awesome in his life. Through the medicine to the fruit to the improvement of his fertility made it possible for a new life to emerge. A new Joy that would soon remind all of those who were lost that Jesus can do great things.

Soon that little angel that arrived 9 months later would never be forgotten and many would call him the miracle child.

The man soon realized that God was working in his life, but also for him to share with others how great God can truly be. We just need to focus our attention on him and let the rest fall into place.


  1. i cant express you have so much inspired me. dear im following you.forever.. and do have a look at mine...

  2. Your stories are really interesting and inspiring to so many people, including me. Indeed, it is true that the future is unknown, because we were given free will to shape our own destiny with.

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  3. Thank You for the great comments, I'm happy that you all enjoy my stories and writings. I have so much fun just writing them.


  4. I agree with you.. We should not put negetive thoughts into our vision of future. Thanks