Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Angels Are Among Us

The Word Angel refers to the heavenly being that exists in Heaven. They are not Human and can't live a human life. However, some people say they have seen Angels, some have seen the great ArcAngels as described in the Bible. Not all Angels that people have seen appear with wings, some appear as normal people.

However, the Angels I am talking about are the ones like you and me who can reach out and touch another. We may not have wings, we may not have the knowledge that the real angels have. What we do have is the conviction to reach out and touch another.

We can be like Christ if we truly want to be, but so many fail only because they are afraid to be something they don't think they can be. It is true that so many are afraid of what the other might say, but trust me. The minute you reach out and say Hello or God Bless You, you will feel an awesome feeling rushing throughout you. Maybe not all of you, but some will.

You will feel good in the actions you do, the words you say and the person you say it to will probably feel better. Even if they are having a bad day it probably will cheer them up and they'll remember you. Even if you are not sure how to say it, just talk to the Lord and ask him for his advice.

You will be surprized what he will do in your lives. It may not happen right away, but he will show himself to you in a certain way. You will know what he is talking about, just listen closely and you will hear his voice. It may be through the words that someone speaks, it could be through the radio. He will send his signs to you, just be sure not to overlook them and you will be astonished at what he has to show you.

The Lord will continue to show you in your life what all you are capable of, don't ever think you can't do it. You can do anything through Christ. You just have to believe and listen closely to what he has to say.

In all honesty I thought the same thing a few weeks ago before I started this whole blogging thing. I was trying to write in Microsoft Word and everything I started to write, I immediately erased. I was starting to get frustrated. I couldn't believe that I was running into a writers block.

I told the Lord that I needed his help, I wanted to write a book and I couldn't do it without him. So one day I was telling one of my relatives how much I enjoyed writing and that I wanted to write. She suggested that I start a blog. Well in so many ways I feel that God was speaking through her.

What he wanted was for me to start blogging and sharing some of my writings. So here I am writing these inspirational stories that I hope will touch your heart in a great way. I feel that the Lord is leading me in a great direction that will grow over time.

Who knows, I could probably have a ton of followers in no time which is great. All I say is don't give up on the Lord. Ask and you shall receive! Give yourself to the Lord and let him work miracles in your life.


  1. My ex-boyfriend is an angel, and I'm glad he fell in love with me, helping me to change into the person I am today.

  2. I really believe we can all be angels and touch one another and help out. That's really cool that you want to write a book! Best of luck to you!
    God Bless

  3. Beautiful writing you have here. I do believe I will become your newest follower. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  4. This is beautiful. I do believe there are angels on Earth. You are a great writer, and I'm one of your newest fans :)