Saturday, August 15, 2009

We Are Like Fruit

Fruit spoils easily, if we don't eat it in time it will get bad. We are the same way, if we are without the Lord and we go about our daily lives, we will soon run into bad. It will consume us and bring us down, we will be tempted by everything and anything. If we give into those temptations, we will find our lives getting worse and worse.

We can do anything through Christ, but without him we are bad. We can't do things on our own, even if we tried we would fail in the most miserable way possible. The Lord is a very important part of our lives. We must continue to read the word and abide by his commandments.

We will not turn bad, like the fruit with Jesus we will be fresh and full of life. The Lord will show each and everyone of us what our true potential can be if we just walk with him everyday.

So many think it is just too hard to follow the Lord. They believe that they won't have the time or energy to do it. What they don't realize, is that they are giving into doubt, giving into every negative feeling that comes from the devil.

Sure we are going to have our good days and bad days, but with the Lord we will make it through it. Even my days aren't always as great, but I reach out to the Lord and ask him to help me through any struggles that might come my way.

Never give up on the lord and NEVER tell yourself you don't have time. You do! Make time and see the glory that the Lord can reveal in your life. What little time you put into being with the Lord, will reap a great reward!


  1. It's true that all of us will run into some bad one day, and sometimes, it's hard to fight the temptation.

    But if you fight the temptation and win, man, it sure feels good to win xD

  2. Much of what you've written is true.
    To share my experience, for a while upto recently I used to pray and pray and expect God to perform the miracle that I needed for my kids and myself. But HE had different ideas. HE pushed me to act first. Once that happened, HE has since met me halfway, has lent me his strength, and now I hope that miracle is on its way, and be in accordance with his will.
    By walking with him, he has shown me my potential.

  3. Hi there
    Well i do completely belive in what you have stated.Im completely new to this blog and hardly know how to even operate it but finding it soo much difficult also so let me try.Well,ihave had miracle sin my life and tough times i have had many times but each tough time ended with a good news down the line so I have thatfaith that somehting good is always out there for those who actually belive that God is arund and have that heart to make things look good arund.I dont have some extra faith but my heart is clean and for those arund I may not be open enuf but i guess thats enuf.Now im on the look for a life partner,felt we can find people but then its scary,,i want someone who can also bring me closer to God also someone whom my heart can open up and talk ,feeling like our own.Now i feel to pen down my feeelings sonce I knwo that no one but the Lord can help.
    When we lose hope we lose everyhting,hope binds the weak and strong and fullfills happiness.Im Bency basically from Cochin nwo in karnataka...i really like peple admire them who speaks their heart out on their blessed occasions of life.......way to go!