Tuesday, December 1, 2009

His Silent Voice

So many have heard the voice of God, but it's not in the audible way that we speak to one another. God speaks to us in many different ways, most of the time it is through signs and wonders that happen in our lives.

It's to remind us that we've gone astray and to come back home. Sometimes it could be a song on the radio that plays several times around the same time each day, other times it could be someone telling us something that would make us feel guilty for our actions.

God reveals himself in many ways and it's not always the same for everyone. Most of my life I have seen his presence in things that have happened to me, every now and then do I hear him through another person.

We can choose not to listen to his voice and block it out. We all do that at times and until we take the time to listen and watch, we will miss the things he is trying to tell us.

Many times he speaks to me and shows me the ideas that I should write about, other times he warns me that I'm not paying attention to him through a song that plays often, especially one that I really love. I could choose to ignore it, but I look and accept what he's trying to tell me. I take advantage of his message and learn from it.

We must quit rushing through life, take time to listen to his still voice and understand what he's trying to tell all of us in our lives. It's not always about things we are doing wrong, sometimes he lets us know what's coming ahead or what we're doing wrong at a job. It helps us to correct it and move on learning from it.

You would be surprised what he has to offer, if you just take a moment to listen and see how he can work in your life.


  1. wow...i feel the exact same way....and am continually learning how to listen :-)

  2. So true, God speaks in so many ways but most times I realize it only in hindsight. Maybe like you said we do have to slow down to really listen, as opposed to just hearing.
    Anyway lovely blog and cant wait to read more.
    Happy 2010.
    Tc. Leah.