Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where Darkness Lurks

Somewhere between this time and another there existed a foul and very evil person, known only as the evil one, the serpent, the devil. He was looking down upon a boy who was suffering, he was waiting to exploit the weaknesses and take control of his pains. He wanted to magnify everything that this one young boy suffered. He tried to reach in and take control, but somehow the will of the Lord was with this boy.

Even as he tried again and again to grasp onto him and take him from the Lord for good, it wasn't possible. The boy kept turning back to the Lord and begging for the forgiveness that he so desired.

The evil one was angry and upset, he couldn't understand how such a little boy could be so unwilling and unable to succumb to the darkness that surrounded him. The boys faith was strong and his will was even stronger. It was obvious to the devil that he wasn't going to get this boy without a fight. He kept trying day after day and sent so many different sins into this boys life, but each time he fell he got back up on his feet and looked towards the sky with his arms reached out and asked the Lord for his forgiveness.

He cried out and with tears streaming down his cheeks he pleased with the Lord to please give him a second chance. The devil saw how powerful his faith was and he didn't understand why it was so hard for him to take one little boy.

Years and years passed and the boy endured more sins and more trials, but each time it made him stronger. Each time it made his faith so much stronger than before, he learned a valuable lesson from the Lord.

He continues to press on and knew that there was nothing that was going to get in his way now with the help of the Lord. The devil knew that there was no way he was going to get this boy. He even sent out so many dark angels, but none of them had any effect on him.

Soon, the devil started to back away and leave the boy alone. He waited patiently for the right moment where the boy would slip up and he would reach in and take control again. There were many times like these, but they became fewer and fewer as this boy began to grow into a man realizing how much he truly loved the lord.

His faith was stronger than most people could imagine, he talked with the lord and showed his appreciation for all the things in the world. The young man knew that his life was not going to be without trial, but with the Lord things would be brighter than it would be without him.

Jesus is waiting for you to accept him into your life. There are so many evil things waiting to come into your life and destroy you. You can only take so much sin, but with the help of the Lord you can be victorious against it. The devil is always going to be there tempting it, but if you try and fight against him, you will never win.

It is best to run from your sins and not look back. He is waiting for you to let your guard down, once that happens he will enter your life and destroy every part of you he can. He truly hates us all for having the chance to have eternal life, something he knows he will never have.

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