Saturday, October 24, 2009

Seeking Forgiveness

A speeding car came out of no where and dashed down the road, soon the young kids saw an elderly man walking along the road. They were all in a gang, they thought it would be funny and fun to do. They pulled out the 22 that he had in the glove compartment. They pointed it at the man and acted like they were going to shoot him, well something happened that they were not expecting.

The gun went off, the bullet flew through the air at amazing speeds and soon the man dropped to his knees and pressed his hands against his chest as he felt the overwhelming pain going through him. His vision started to go, he felt weak and soon everything was going away as he fell down and landed in a pool of blood.

The young boys who were just joking around were in terror, they didn't know what they had done. It wasn't supposed to go this way, they drove quickly and thought they were in the clear. What they didn't realize is that someone sitting outside the gas station nearby saw everything that happened and took down their license plate.

The boys arrived home and started to panic, before they could even get calmed down the police arrived and handcuffed all of them and took them back to the station. They were charged with murder, something that they would have never dreamed of.

Because of their foolish actions they did, they will now spend most of their life behind bars and they will experience more agony than they ever wanted. It's not going to be a fun time for them.

The family who lost their father recently came to see the boys and instead of being angry, instead of cussing at them and threating to beat them up, they did something else.

The boys were shocked when the family members looked at them and said "Jesus love you my friend, he knows the pain which you suffer. He knows what you have gone through. He wants you to understand that the price that he paid for our sins can also free you from yours.

I know what you did and I am not happy, but I know how much pain you must be feeling right now. All I can say, is I forgave you."

It took a lot for the family to forgive these boys of such a thing, this was unexpected for them, something they were not looking forward to."

They learned a hard lesson in life, they were already sad enough and felt crushed from the things that they did, but to have someone forgive them for what they did truly made them feel better.

The devil wants us to hate each other, he wants nothing more for us to do than to rip each other apart. People are killing people everyday, the devil is having so much fun and so many of us are just giving into his ways of being angry at the other and wanting to lash out.

It's time to forgive all those who have wronged us, it may seem hard, but the more you forgive, the better you will feel and it will truly make Jesus smile!!!

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  1. I love this story. It brings back an example that my father taught me before his death in 1985. My mother left my father for another man. This crushed my father which was dying. My father was not a Christian at the time of the break up. Every time my father seen the two of them together he wanted to kill them both. I can remember one time when we went to town we saw them crossing the street in front of us and had I not grabbed the wheel or my father would have ran them both over..Well after going in and out of the hospital my father was told about the Lord from a nurse in the hospital..He became a Christian(Praise the Lord). One night as I was doing dishes, I heard him crying in the living room and went in and asked him if he was ok. What he said would forever change my life. He said the Lord spoke to him and told him he need to forgive my mother and the guy she ran away with or he would not see heaven. After telling me that he wanted to talk to my mother and the man she ran away with. We all met and he asked them to forgive him for the way he acted and treated them. The next day my father was put in the hospital and he passed away. I have shared this many times with people and I have had some argue that my father would have went to heaven even if he didn't forgive. I will not argue with somebody about it. That is for the Lord to decide, but my point is there was a work of forgiveness in my father heart, only by the grace of God could my father have forgiven them.