Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don't Wait!!!

There will be a time in the world when people will forget about Jesus. They will become so wrapped up in their own lives that they will not have time for him anymore. They will try to act like everything is ok, they will even try to be kind to one another.

What they will lack is the love that comes from Jesus Christ. Things in this world will get worse and famine and disease will become overwhelming. Times will get harder and people will start to loose hope as so much death and destruction begins to overtake the world. These are the times of the tribulation or just before. We must never forget about what is going to happen. We must live each day as a follower of Christ, we must watch and pray for all of those who will not be ready.

Today is the day to turn your eyes towards Jesus. Today is the day to confess your sins to him and accept him into your life. Today is the day that we must let go of all of our problems and let him take control of our lives.

Don't wait until tomorrow, don't wait until next week, and don't wait until next year. Tomorrow may not come, next week may not come and next year may not come. Today is the day to begin our new walk with the Lord. Disease and Earthquakes are on the rise, such disesases as Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Swine Flu, Cancer, Aids and many others are starting to fill the headlines.

Earthquakes and talk of Wars are starting to appear in the world, what does this mean to all of us? This could be a sign of the sign of times to come. I feel that the Lord is trying to reach out to all of us and give us a warning sign. If you read in the Revelations, you will know that things such as Earthquakes, Pestilence, Diseases are just the birthing pains.

What is and will come is truly catestrophic compared to what we are witnessing. Those who are left behind will not have an easy time. So I say to you, TODAY is the day to begin following the lord.

Do not put it off, do not try and procrastinate. Grab your Bible and begin to read The Book of Job, read the Book of Revelations.

DON'T WAIT until it is too late, open your heart to Jesus!

Please Don't Wait! You're life will be so much better, he will take your fears, your stresses and all that burden you if you will put your trust in him.

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  1. So true and beautifully spoken! We skipped church today to fish from our dock, and now You got me feeling REALLY guilty! I know God will forgive me though. We are blessed to have such an AWESOME GOD!