Monday, October 12, 2009

The Hourglass of Time

There is an hourglass in each one of our lives, it slowly runs out until there is no more. Some of us find ourselves in that situation where it runs faster than others. In that case, we are not prepared for what is coming. We find ourselves shocked and dismayed. What we don't realize is that there is a plan, a plan that God has for us and even though we don't see it right now, we soon shall.

There was a young boy, he faced the most trials in his life. He was in and out of hospitals for the last few years. The doctors didn't know what he had and tried everything. Every test that they did didn't seem to fix whatever was chipping away at his body.

He felt himself getting weaker and weaker by the day and he prayed so much to the Lord. He asked the Lord to come into his life and please take away the pain. It seemed to get worse and he didn't know what he was going to do. He wasn't ready to go, even at such an early age the disease that ravaged his body was getting stronger and taking more of him each day.

He looked up and saw a little sparrow sitting on the window sill, although this was not on the outside of the window. This was on the inside and the little sparrow started to sing. The music was beautiful, it was so refreshing and beautiful. He knew that the little sparrow was there to calm him and ease his pain. He thought to himself, was this the workings of the Lord. What was the meaning of this little Sparrow. He was truly a sight to see, the doctors and nurses that heard this little guy came in surprized

They asked the little boy, where did he come from and how did he get in here? The little boy shrugged his shoulders and looked up smiling with a wide grin in his face and saying Jesus sent him.

The little boy said to the doctor and the nurses that this little sparrow is going to bring me to the nest in the sky. The doctors and nurses laughed and before they could look back at the sparrow, it was gone. Not even a feather was left behind and the little bird left a beautiful reminder that God works in mysterious ways.

Later that evening, the little boy drifted off into a deep sleep. He saw all around him angels standing in the clouds in all directions and for miles upon miles. They're beautiful wings spread wide and flapping like a birds wing. In the middle was the Lord shining the light in all directions that eminated from him. It was truly a sight to see.

As the doctors came into the room to wake the little boy, they didn't get any response. It was too late, it was if the little boy had drifted off into a final sleep. He was no longer with them, he was in a better place. A place that has wiped away his terminal cancer. A place where his family will see him once more. He now is in a place that will bring him joy instead of pain. A place where he will never have to worry, where he can smile and be happy. It's not the end, it's the beginning of a whole new life for this little boy. He will be a place where Angels reside, where Jesus is and where things more amazing than we can truly imagine exist.

The little boy is now in a place of splendor. Sometimes it's hard for us to deal with the thought of dying, even when we find out that we have a few months left to live. It can be such a downer, but Jesus wants us to be happy and remember that none of his plans are to disappoint us. We will be lifted up and soon our friends will join us one day for a happy reunion.

This story is dedicated to a great friend of mine. A friend whom I have known for the last 2 1/2 years at Wal-Mart. He started in Produce while I was on leave for the birth of my first child. Richard is his name and it's a sad story, but I want Richard to know that he shouldn't be afraid of what's coming ahead of him. Not long ago he lost his mother. It was a sad time in his life and even though he lost her, she is now in a place where she is no longer suffering.

Richard came down with a certain type of Cancer, it spread from his esophagus to his stomach, it now spread into his liver. The doctors couldn't even do Chemo because it has gotten to the point of being too far advanced. Richard was a hard worker and I can't think enough how I miss him at work. I had so much fun talking to him and knowing how much of a great friend he is. I can't help it as I start to tear knowing how much he made my day just seeing him.

Richard, I hope that you will live longer than the doctors said. I say this, you will never be forgotton. You will live in my memory and I'll always remember the fun times we had joking around in Produce. All of us shall truly miss you, but you will live on in our hearts and know that one day we shall see you again in a place of splendor. That place which dreams come true.


  1. This was a beautiful post. I know that if one is truly a believer in Christ there is no reason to fear death, But I have lived with a fear of it ever since my own mother passed some 12 years ago. I know that it happens to everyone and we are then all in a better place with the Lord, but as a mother of children now myself, I really want to live to see them grow into mature adults themselves.My prayers center on this every day. I guess it puts it into perspective for me though to think about those people out there who are ill and are possibly facing death now, when I am relatively healthy and young.

  2. Mike,

    Thank you for this beautiful story. Richard loved stories like these so much. On behalf of the family, we would like to thank you again for the story and the friendship you showed Richard over the years and especially throughout his illness. God bless you and everyone who gave their love and support through this difficult time. Knowing Richard, we all know he really is going to enjoy his first Christmas in Heaven.