Wednesday, November 7, 2012


In every corner of the world, in every home there is sadness. It's overwhelming, uncontrollable and seems to always find its way in. It takes us by surprise, catches us off guard and it's one of the single most dangerous things to keep us down. There, however is a remedy for our sadness, there is a way out, a road to recovery and to happiness. It is only one name, that name is Jesus.

He will and always will wipe away our tears, lift us up and bring a smile to our face. He will give us the strength to go on, to see new horizons and to be a stronger person. So often we are overwhelmed with sadness that we forget who Jesus really is. He died on the cross, suffered for our sins and bears the nail scars in his hands to show us everlasting life.

The is only one solution to our sadness and it is accepting Jesus into our lives, opening up our hearts and letting him fill that void that keeps us down. There are many reasons for what causes our sadness, but there is only one reason for the escape of it, it's simple. It's Jesus and he will never forsake us.

Just like the darkness overtakes the entire world for a moment, light will triumph over darkness and so will Jesus over sadness. If we put our trust and our faith in Jesus , he will bring us happiness and joy. He will open new doors that we never knew existed. Jesus is like the air that we breathe, if we don't have him, we will suffocate and die. Maybe not right away, but our lives will waste away until there is no more.

Stop hiding in the shadows of your sadness, open your heart to Jesus and let the healing begin.

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