Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rays of Sunshine

On a cold winters day, surrounded by so much devastation and so much tragedy was a young brother and sister who were shivering out in the cold. They had no home anymore, the waters rushed up and the winds took it away. The feelings in their hearts were less then great, sadness took over them as tears dropped from their eyes.

Hunched over and feeling worthless and down, they now realised that their lives were not going to be the same. Their hearts ached as their knees became weak as they dropped down and prayed to the Lord. They asked why do things like this happen to good people like us, they looked up into the cloudy sky and their faces with many tears pleaded for help, they were alone and feeling left out.

Then out of no where the clouds started to depart, rays of sunshine started to appear all over such a devastaed area reaching down and warming them up. In such a sad time, in a world of so much sin and sorrow they saw it as a sign that God does care. They stood up and looked up into the sky, their eyes no longer with tears, their hearts feeling the warmth of the Lord and then to their surprise something else happened.

A few people with blankets, food and water appeared. They were a blessing in disquise, it was if God had listened to their hearts and sent them help. Yes, their lives would not be the same, but their hearts were touched and it was the beginning of a good thing. They were no longer cold, they were no longer alone. They felt the love in their hearts so strong, that they extended their arms towards Heaven and thanked the Lord for his love. They were no longer in suffering, but felt his presence so strongly.

I dedicate this story to all of those who have lost someone or their homes in the tragedy from hurricane sandy. In a world with so much evil, there is also so much good. We can and we will triumph over anything we ask the Lord to help us with.

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