Friday, November 16, 2012

How Long?

If a bowling ball falls on your foot, how long will you be able to put up with the pain, you may try to be strong and walk on it, you even take medication to get rid of that pain, but deep down in your heart and mind you know it still hurts and you can't escape it no matter how hard you try. Time goes by, you find yourself living on ibuprofen, nothing seems to help. You know yourself that you will have to go into the doctor. You really don't want to do that, but you have no other choice, the pain is just getting too great and you may have broken it.

Upon going to the doctor you find yourself in a waiting room after having an X-Ray. You can't tell for sure what is wrong, you're having a hard time trying to decide whether it's broken or not. The doctor comes in and tells you that it's fractured and you're going to have to have a cast. You know that's the last thing you want, but you know that the pain will slowly go away with medication and having a cast will help.

It's the same way with putting your trust in Jesus. How long can you live without him? Probably not very long as anything and everything in your life is going to go down hill. The things you thought that made you happy only made you sad. You can deny him, but doing so will only bring more pain and sorrow. Until you take the first step and accept him into your life, you will never find true happiness.

As they say, wide is the road to destruction, but narrow is the road to salvation. Which road are you going to be taking? Just like a broken foot, the pain is always going to be there no matter how hard you try to hide it, the only way you'll get rid of it is to seek help. It's the same way with Jesus, your life will never be complete, you'll never be happy and you'll be doomed to repeat the same things over and over.

Jesus is always around, always knocking at your door, don't shut him out. Let him into your life, let him work miracles in your life, once you do that you will receive many blessings. You will see things in a whole new perspective, life will be more colorful than you ever imagined.

Jesus LOVES you and he's not going to give up on you, open the door to a better life and let him lead you home to the promised land.

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