Friday, July 31, 2009

The Rushing Winds

A young boy was spending some time up in the hills one day, he and his family decided it would be a great idea to visit their cabin in the hills. He has always loved the outdoors and wanted to be with nature that day. He started to hike up the hill that headed towards an old mine shaft. As he started to walk he heard what he thought sounded like running water.

He saw his father near the old mine shaft that he used to climb down into. It was always so much fun going in and checking out that old mining car that hasn't been seen for over a century. His father told him that he thought there was a stream nearby.

He was very curious to find out, but what was to come was something else he would soon find out about. So he started to walk up the hill now leading off of the trail that ended. He looked around and around and didn't see any water, no stream, nothing at all. He looked towards the top of the hill thinking, maybe it's up there. He kept pressing on, the hill was beginning to get very steep.

He grabbed onto the trees and pulled himself up, thinking what am I doing as he thought once again climbing higher and higher up this steep hill. It did get very steep, if he didn't hold onto the trees he probably would loose his step and fall down. It was starting to get harder to climb with each step, but he wanted to keep going. He had to see what was at the top, he wanted to see this stream that was flowing up above.

He knew that it would be well worth it to see it, what he didn't realize was that he was higher than he ever has been before. If he would just turn around and look back he could see the hills for miles and miles. The closer he reached towards the top the less he thought there might actually be a stream.

Now he knew what that sound was, it was the sound of the rushing winds flowing through the trees.

He was finally at the top, he turned around and was amazed at the scenery around him. To his amazement he could see for miles. He could see every mountain around him and it was an awesome sight.

He noticed that there were many big holes in the ground, many of the trees were chopped down and this probably was some sort of logging operation at one point. He noticed tracks on the ground that once were fresh, but now they were covered with tall weeds that came almost upto his knees.

He sat down on a stump as he felt the wind rushed by him. It felt so good, he couldn't help smiling. He started to talk with the Lord and told him how beautiful the land truly was. He was so happy that he had made it up ok without getting hurt. The wind was a cool wind and it felt refreshing. It seemed to calm him and make him feel at ease with everything.

He wondered if this is what they call the rushing winds. He felt everything that had bothered him being wiped away as if none of it ever existed. He continued to sit there and talk with the Lord. He was having a great time telling the Lord all of his problems and all the things that he enjoyed. For him, it was a great enjoyment to be alone and talk with the Lord.

So what turned out to be the sounds of water flowing was actually the sound of the rushing winds. As he looked around at all the trees, the birds and everything that God had created, he thanked the Lord for all that he saw.

He turned and looked at a tree nearby and was amazed to think of all the little details that went into creating this awesome sight. The more that he looked at this tree and pondered what it was made of, the more excited he became. He was starting to look at things in a different perspective. He saw things differently now and everything that he looked at was a beautiful creation from God.

He knew that even the works of man had to come from somewhere. It was evident that we knew very little that went into these creations. Everything that we created was borrowed from God. The ideas, the design and everything having to do with that one thing were inspired by him.

The more he thought about this, the more and more he smiled and the feeling deep down in his heart was so great that it felt almost like he was getting a new toy but ten times better.

After what seemed like an hour of sitting down and talking with the Lord, he knew that he had to get back to the cabin so that his parents don't worry about him. He knew that it would be impossible to go down the way he came up, so he had to look for a safer way to go down.

He started to walk through the trees looking for a place to start to climb down, it all looked very steep. He was starting to get worried, fear and worry started to flow throughout him. What was he going to do? How will he get down he thought over and over. He started to panic, giving into his fears it only made things worse.

He eventually noticed a place that he could climb down. The only problem is that it didn't look like the best place to go down, but he didn't have much of a choice. It was a jagged cliff of rocks, If he was to look up from below he would never attempt to climb down it, but something inside him told him to go ahead.

He started to climb down moving from one side to the other. He grabbed onto the rock and began to go down very slowly because one wrong step and he would have a long fall. He moved from one rock to the other moving down several feet at a time.

As he was going down he envisioned Angels were surrounding him and preventing him from falling. It helped to sooth him and help him relax as he continued to try and find a way down through the rocks. Eventually he was almost there to the ground, he couldn't believe that he was almost down. However, there was only about a four foot drop to the ground and he thought it wouldn't be a problem. He can just jump down and he'll just land on his rear. It will hurt, but he'll be ok.

Well, after he jumped he sure did hurt, but more than he ever could imagine. What happened is a twig sticking out punctured the testicle. It felt like a 1000 footballs hitting him. It was so excruciating and so painful that he couldn't even hear himself think for a few moments as he bent over trying to ignore the pain and discomfort.

He was not thinking right and started to get mad, he found himself starting to curse God and quickly realized wait a moment. He shouldn't curse the Lord, for it was Sthe devil who wanted him to get hurt. He immediately started to thank the Lord for his life, for helping him get down and for everything. He was not about to give into his temptation to blame the Lord for what happened. Yes, he was in pain but there was no way he was going to turn on the Lord now or ever.

He looked at the area and there was no blood coming out, but he knew he had to get to the cabin immediately and get to the hospital. He walked towards the road as he looked back and was very shocked at what he saw, he noticed before him a huge ledge of rocks. It seemed to go up at least 30-40 feet, he thought to himself how could he possibly have made it down that? He knew there was something or someone that was helping him.

He didn't feel the presence, but he knew that God was with him. He finally made it back to the cabin and his parents took him into town to goto the hospital.

He met with one of the doctors in the emergency room and as the doctor was sewing up his wound he said to the young boy. You must have friends on high? The boy said what do you mean? He said well, if that twig had been 2 centimeters to the right you would have lost one of your testicles. You were lucky, it was just the skin that was punctured.

At that very moment the boy smiled and felt a great feeling rushing through his entire body, almost like the rushing winds. He knew that God was with him that day and he will never forget what God had done for him that day. He thought to himself all that God had showed him was great, he let me have an insight into the things that he created. He also helped me up and down the hill and even though I got hurt he was there to make sure I was ok.

The young boy thought to himself, what was God trying to communicate to me? Was it that no matter how much we get hurt that we shouldn't curse his name. We should thank him for all that he has done in our lives. We should never forget what he has created for us and to apprecaite it even if it's a little snow bird that flies about.

He knew that God was watching over him when he was climbing down, he could even picture the angels hovering next to him as he thought about earlier guiding him towards the right rocks to grab ahold of.

He eventually recovered only to have a scar to remember what had happened to him. What he remembers the most is that he was tempted to curse God, but he wouldn't let the devil get the best of him. He immediately praised God and thanked him which made the Devil very mad. It made him feel great because he didn't do what the devil wanted of him.

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  1. Your stories are excellent and your writting is so easy to read. Keep up the great work and god bless :)