Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fully Trust in God

There was a time when a young man was going through troubles. He and his wife were trying so hard to have a baby. They have tried several different inseminations at the local Obgyn clinic and none of them seemed to work. Each time he and his wife thought that they were expecting, it turned out to be another no.

He was starting to get upset and beginning to loose hope. what can we do to make this work he thought? He started to believe in his mind that nothing will ever work for him. He couldn't even imagine having a child at this point. He even looked at his life being childless. He wanted a baby so bad, just as his wife did too. He knew that maybe someday he would. He tried to hope and he has heard many times the saying "Trust in the Lord God and everything will come to you". Well it didn't seem to work for him, he started to trust in the Lord. Each time more failure and disappointment.

So him and his wife talked to the doctor. They suggested a doctor in Sioux Falls, SD who could do InVitro Fertilization. They were very excited, he knew now that this was going to be possible. He couldn't wait, his excitement was going into overtime and he wanted to hold that little bundle of joy in his arms right now, not having to wait.

So they made several trips which each time was a blast. They even got do shopping and visit the Mall of America a few times while staying in Sioux Falls. What seemed like a long time after the several visits and months of medicated shots the embryos were almost ready.

This was about to be the best time in their lives. He remembers driving their to Sioux Falls and thinking in his mind as he talked to the Lord. He told the Lord that he will trust in him, he will give himself totally to the Lord. He will not hesitate at all and will not have any doubts. Well, to be honest the man still did have doubts. He still couldn't envision having a baby even though he was so excited. It's like part of him didn't believe it.

He wasn't fully trusting in the Lord. He was holding back, after a few days of waiting in Sioux Falls the day came. They were anxious to do the proceedure. The Doctor came out and told him that they have retrieved 8 embryos. So they decided to put in two. Now it was the waiting game. Several weeks had passed and then his wife went in for a blood test at the clinic.

A few days later they got a call, the nurse got their hopes up after saying "Congratulations" only to call back and realise that it was a mistake. None of the embryos took. It was a very sad day for both of them, he remembers trying to comfort her as she sobbed over and over.

He was angry thinking again about what he had asked the Lord. He couldn't keep it together and started to loose his cool. After a few days he started to realize that maybe it wasn't the Lord's fault, maybe this was a message from the Lord God about trusting in him.

Was this a learning experience for him, was this a trial that God was doing to test me and to improve me? I had a new understanding of what it means to trust in the Lord. You must trust in him with your entire Heart, your entire Soul and your Mind. Do not lean on your own understanding. Put your entire self onto the Lord and do not let the Devil confuse you or mislead you.

Sometimes things do not work out the way you want them, but you must not give up. God has a plan for you and it will happen. Keep believing and it will come. Like Jesus said "Ask and it will be given to you"

So the man now knew that he was to trust in the Lord and to trust fully in him. The doctor in Sioux Falls suggested they try again in a few months. They decided to do that.

This time 8 embryos were recovered. 3 of them were awesome quality. The others were ok. Now came a big question for them both as they were ready to have the proceedure done again. The doctor asked the man and his wife if they were willing to implant 4 embryos. The biggest chance is that they could have 4 that take and have quads.

He knew the dangers of that and they both agreed to do it. It could be very stressful for the mother, but he knew that God was speaking through him. He had to trust in God this time. He just had to, so he and his wife said yes. They were prepared for anything and if it means having a baby they will do it.

So they waited and waited, once again it was the longest time in their lives waiting. Each day the man prayed and hoped that it would work. Sometimes he started to worry, but he told God that he will not worry. He will trust in him, he will trust him with his whole mind, his whole heart and his whole soul.

The two weeks finally passed and they tried a pregnancy test at home shortly before having a blood test. It was a shock for them, she was pregnant. He was so thankful, he cried and thanked God for what was about to come his way. He was finally going to have a child. He never in his life dreamed it would be possible.

After months and months of his wife being pregnant, the most beautiful girl came into his life. They will always refer to her as the Miracle Child and that's why. From this moment on he will never ever forget how much it means to trust in God.

He learned a great experience and by enduring the pain, he can now share it with others. The most important thing the man conveyed to a friend is to never give up, there may be trials, but there will be days of Joy.

That little baby turned out to be a very smart beautiful young girl full of life and energy. He will continue to Thank God everyday for her and hopefully more will come because now he will believe.

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