Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sowing the Seeds

A family plants a garden, they get a bunch of seeds, make a big area in the back lawn to plant these seeds. They have it all planned out and everything seems to be going well, after a while the plants start to grow, they flourish and a new garden starts to emerge. Then the sunlight starts to diminish, the water isn't as abundant as it was. They give up and quit pulling the weeds, the garden becomes a disaster, it dies up as the weeds take over and block out the sun and take the nutrients that are already in the ground. This once great garden is now nothing more than a field of weeds.

In life it is the same way, we are the seeds that are growing, and we need the light of the Lord to survive, we need water and we need nutrients which help us, but the one thing that really cuts us off are the weeds of every shape and form that seems to grow around us in our lives. They take over, they take control of us and we become the weak ones giving into their every temptation.

We fail to do what we wanted to and we wonder why we have it so bad. Jesus is the weed picker in our lives, if we just accept him and believe in his resurrection then we are saved, but it's when we choose not to accept him and just try to live our lives according to our own will. That's when we get choked by the weeds of all kinds, making it hard to breathe as we give up on everything and anything.

We can grow and mature into anything we desire with the Lord, all we have to do is believe and accept him into our lives. I once was a seed who was headed in the wrong direction, ready to die but he lifted me up, saw how much i meant to him as he means so much to all of you.

His overwhelming love for you no matter what you do is what is amazing, he will never turn his back on you. No matter how many times you have turned away, he is still there with open arms waiting for you. Just know he will NEVER turn you away. That's why he died on that cross, rose again to forgive our sins. No one else has ever done that for you and me :)

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