Friday, March 9, 2012

The Heart

A family waits outside in a waiting room in a hospital, they're father has just had a terrible heart attack. They are so worried and they wait minute by minute as it seems to go so slow. They can't be anymore worried and upset, their feelings are undescribeable. They feel as if they will never see him again. Their worries are turned to sadness and they start to give up that it's the end. The give up on hope drifting off into total sadness, but then something strikes them and it strikes them hard.

One of them says "Wait!, how can we give up so easily" , the others start to take notice and they start to realise that there is hope, there is a chance and giving up is the last thing they want to do. They know that the odds are impossible, but still to give up and to let the devil take control is not what we want. So one of the family members says "We should pray, our father who always has loved us would want us to" and so they start to pray together asking the Lord to come into their lives, show their father a second chance to live and to enjoy the rest of his life.

Hours seem to pass, their hopes may be up and they are still sad becuase we can never get rid of all of the sadness we feel, but we can at least hope and believe. Even if things turn out to be bad as the end result God still has a plan and there's a reason why it had to happen. We may not understand it because we can't understand. Our minds are not meant to understand how powerful he truly is.

The family cries so hard after the doctor comes out and with a sad face says to them that it is too late and he died. They sob uncontrollably and it's not something that the doctor wanted to deal with telling a family like that.

The family knows that he is in a better place, it may not be the thing they wanted but shortly after they have greaved from the passing of their father, one of their daughters will bring new life into this world. The joy returns to their life, but still it is not easy to miss their father, but it's just a part of life. The trials and tests of God will always be there. In this world there is sin, more than we know and it's hard, but we must pray and do the best we can to make each day better. Things may not work out the way we expected, but we will see that there is a reason and we have to just be patient and see his plan. It's hard, but have faith and believe that there's a reason for everything.

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  1. beautiful story. And truly to accept God's will in all things is not easy but we are meant to flow in this life I believe to find true joy and peace. When we get stuck in grief or regret we don't grow. Sorrow is inevitable but suffering is optional says one teacher. I try to remember that in my own struggles.
    Christ did tell us to be like the lilies of the field or like little children again. What a concept!