Friday, June 1, 2012

The Path

The path that we walk everyday is going to be filled with trouble, each and everyone of us is going to be tempted to take the easy way out, the quickest way to our destination, but is it always the case in our favor? No, it always leads us to more disappointment and pain, more suffering and anguish.

In life we walk down that road which can wind up and around a hill seeming to never end, we are always tempted to take the easy road out, to get to where we want to go right away, but it never seems to work that way does it? It will always cause us more trouble and heartache.

There is only one path that we need to take and it's the path towards Jesus. You see my friends, when you try to walk alone and don't listen to the Lord you're lives are going to be confusing and you're going to go through more pain then you ever thought was possible. Things that you didn't expect to happen will and you're going to blame yourselves for everything. There is only one solution, one answer that will help you through this dark time.

It's simply Jesus, there is no other answer to your question. If you do not have Jesus in your life, then you don't have happiness and you will never be on that right path. Even i until recently have realised my whole problem. I have been trying to walk alone in my life and i have felt more pain and suffering as a result.

The things that i tried to accomplish have only failed and backfired in my face. I have become so depressed and let everything get to me, but how could i forget that the only person who mattered in my life was missing. It was Jesus, sure i thought i could do it all, but i was so wrong. Apart from Jesus, WE CAN DO NOTHING! Do not ever forget that, becuase without Jesus there is no path, there is just disappointment.

Don't be so proud to accept Jesus, after all he loves you more than you know and will forgive you no matter how bad your sin is. Find that right path today and your journey home will be much easier.

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