Thursday, August 18, 2011

Strength in Numbers

Where do we find ourselves when we walk down a road into a dark alley. We are succeptable to attack, to being robbed and to be killed because we are alone. If you really think of it, it is the same way when we are following the Lord. When you goto church, when you are sitting at home, wherever you are. If you are not in the company of others who believe then you are a direct attack.

Yes, the devil has every chance when you are not in the company of other christians. Take for example a stick, if you bend it and slowly bend it more, will it not break?

It is the same with us, the devil will be sending out all of his dark angels, attacking us. Soon, where will we be? We'll be falling down, losing hope and giving up as so many do. It is very important that we not go it alone.

If for example you find three or four sticks, try and bend them now. Will they break? Surely not! Strength is better in numbers, when we are with others who believe in Jesus the devil can't get to us.

When we are in the oompany of other christians, it is less likely for ourselves to go out and do wrong. We will not be tempted, but instead we will be strong with faith as we talk to others about it.


  1. A very powerful religious comment. To try to diminish temptations I pray every night.