Monday, March 14, 2011

Climbing Out

Each one of us is going to find ourselves falling into a hole that we can't seem to get out. The devil will be there throwing more dirt into the hole making it even harder for us to escape our problems. Each and everytime we try to climb out, we fall down and seem to hurt ourselves more.

We try to get up , but we often find ourselves trying to do it alone. We can't seem to get out. Each time we think we have a chance, the devil takes his shovel and loads it up with dirt and throws it back in our faces. We fall once again landing hard and knocking the wind out of us.

We eventually start to give up on life, we think that no matter what we do we're going to fail at whatever we try to start. That is where we need to seek the Lord. We can't do anything alone in our lives, so why should we even think to try and climb out of that hole alone.

We need to call on Jesus, he will reach down and lend his hand towards us. He will give us the strength to stand strong against the devil and take charge of our actions. Slowly we find the strength and climb out of the hole. The devil continues to throw dirt on us, but we resist his attacks, we are strong and we eventually make it to the top walking out with a smile on our face. We thank the Lord for everything that he has done. We must continue to lean on his understanding, not our own. It is when we do that that we reach success in our lives. There is no other way, take the hand of the Lord and step out of that hole.

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