Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Lords Plan

A young man is walking through a dense forest, he is enjoying the sunshine and the calm. The birds in the air singing their wonderful songs. The animals wandering around him, no one is around for miles. It seems to be a peaceful place for him, he's trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city he is from. He comes here every year to relax and to clear his mind. He has just been through a terrible ordeal and is trying to be with the lord.

He knows that only with the help of the Lord can he free himself from his troubles. Something started to crack in the distance, he heard something moving through the trees. He was very puzzled as he didn't think anyone was around. He saw leaping out of the brush was a mountain lion. He was terrified at this very moment. He stood there with terror in his eyes. The lion was growling and looking right at him as if he was ready to pounce.

He feared for his life, wondered if he would ever see his family again. He was so scared and he didn't know what to do. He couldn't even think, he was in tears. He didn't dare move, he knew that he wouldn't live to see the next day if he did. What should he do he thought. He was not even thinking about asking the Lord. He was too worried about being the next lunch for this lion. He started to look up, tears running down his cheeks. He pleaded with the Lord to save his life, to spare him even though he didn't think the lion would do anything.

He put his trust in the Lord and started to get down on his knees. He bowded his head and started to pray, he kept telling himself that with the Lord we can do anything. As he started to lift his head he noticed something very strange. There was no lion, it was just him. He didn't hear the lion walking away, it was if there was no lion and it was the Lord testing him in his faith.

He started to think, he wasn't trusting in the Lord. He was having so many problems because he was trying to do it all himself, he thought he was doing all the right things, but he wasn't.

He started to trust the Lord with everything from that day. He opened his heart and let the Lord lead him in his life. Things started to look up for him, he started to enjoy life in a whole new way. It was if he was reborn and he was, he was a different person. He allowed the Lord to lead him as he followed. He knew that he must never forget to trust in the Lord and never lean on his own understanding again. It would only cause him more problems when he tried to figure it out, he just had to trust the Lord and let him reveal to him the Lords plan.

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