Sunday, November 22, 2009

Forget Turkeys, Forget Sales, Thank Jesus on Thanksgiving!!!

Today, we see so many people rushing about trying to get their turkey and stuffing. All they can think of is "I have to get ready for Thanksgiving" Where is the Lord in all of this? Where have we gone, that we have forgotten all about the true reason for Thanksgiving?

Isn't Thanksgiving a time to thank Jesus for all the things that he has done in our lives. Instead, when you think of Thanksgiving, what do you think about? I think about Turkeys or Black Friday sales, but what I should really be thinking about is everything that the Lord has done in my life. If I am to truly follow the Lord, I must not forget him, even in a time like this.

So tonight, when I was online the whole idea came to me like a ton of bricks. It was a shock, here I was living my life from day to day not even thinking what the true reason for Thanksgiving was. I had forgotten about the Lord and I had neglected the true meaning it should represent.

The Lord has been in our lives everyday, watching over us and giving us the strength to endure anything. So this Thanksgiving, let's not think about Turkeys, let's not think about Black Friday sales. Let us remember, that Jesus is the one to thank and to be thankful for what all he has done in our lives.

It is so easy to forget, but let's be strong and remember Jesus is the reason!!!